Caring (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emily Blackwood is your almost average 20 year old nurse. She graduated university early due to her change of country, from Australia to London. With only Leah, Jess and Hannah as her friends, she struggles to find the romance she has dreamed of since a child. But that soon changes, all because of Leah. Emily isn't sure whether to thank her friend, or whether to hate her.
My fingers gently run over the dark mark situated in the crook of my neck. I wince at the slight pain. As I open my eyes that I didn't know I closed, I look to Leah.
My eyebrows furrow as I realise she isn't looking at me, but rather someone behind me. My head turns immediately to the source holding her attention.
He stands there, only metres from the door, staring at me. He smirks at me before dropping his left eye in a wink and vanishing out the door.
Fear racks through my body as I remember his words.
"You're now mine, Emily."
I turn back to Leah, our expressions the same.
Complete shock and fear.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8


A smile comes across my face as a grab my bag from the locker room. It’s finally the end of my shift. Well, Tanya’s shift. But the point is I couldn’t be more relieved so I can go home and sleep. Her shift started at 5am therefore I had to be up at 3:30am to be able to shower before I had to go.

I wave to the only kid in the ward and receive a thanks from the head nurse.

I make it out to the car park and find my car. It’s my Australian Mazda 3, I love it. Father had it imported when I moved here. Needless to say it would have to be the best thing he’s done as a parent for me.

Enough of the sappy stories.

I get in my car and toss my bag on the passenger seat. I start the car and begin to make my way home.

I make a pit stop in the McDonald’s drive through and get myself a wrap with fries and a drink. Well-deserved if I do say so myself.

I glance at the time on my phone before I drive onto the main road again.

As I drive I begin to eat fry after fry, and by the time I arrive to my apartment complex there are only a few remaining. I take my bag, and the bag of food out of the car and go into the building.

There are only about 40 rooms in the building. I live on the second floor. I live next to Mr and Mrs Clark, an elderly couple who retired about 10 years ago. And on the other side is a family of four, the Robinson family. The married pair have two twin boys at the age of 9. They are a nice and quiet family, but sometimes rowdy when the boys have friends over.

I drop my bag on the ground and kick the door closed with my foot. I walk into the lounge room and plop myself on the lounge. I reach to the remote and turn the television on.

After scanning through all the channels I decide to rest on an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

My eyes open because of sunlight on my face. I glance at the clock on the wall to see it's only 4 in the afternoon. Jesus Christ.

I huff as I lift myself into sitting position then relax back into the lounge. My arm is marked because of leaning on it for at least two hours in the same position.

I reach and grab my phone to see I have a message. Guess who? The devil child himself, Harry Styles.

-Remember, I'll be there at 7. Wear a nice dress, I'm taking you out for dinner. H. xx-

I begin to type my reply, and pleased with it I press send.

-If it's only dinner there is no way I'm wearing a dress.-

I stand from my seat on the lounge and begin to walk down the hall, phone in hand. I toss it on the bed only for it to vibrate.

I audibly groan and walk over to read the reply I got from Harry.

-You're wearing a dress. Don't make me go over there and put it on for you.-

Woah, slow down there pretty boy. After I read his blunt message for a second time I realise he's not lying, he'd literally put me in a damn dress.

Fuck Harry Styles. Fuck going on a date. Fuck wearing a dress.

-Fine, I'll wear a dress, consider yourself lucky.-

I hit send then toss my phone onto the bed and search for a dress to wear. I only own about 5. I grab the first one I find and I think it will look okay.

It's a simple dress with a creamy coloured top half, and the bottom half is black. It's not tight fitting like the one I wore to the party last night, but rather loose and comfortable. If I spun in a circle a few times the dress would flare out.

I lay it down on the bed and find a pair of shoes that would go nicely with it. I crouch down and debate on whether to wear heels or not.

I guess small heels would be okay, but I'd rather be comfortable than pretty. It's only Harry Styles. I choose a pair of black Gladiator Sandals.

But before I go putting it on, I need a shower. I can suddenly smell the scent of hospitals. Sanitiser and wound cleaning products. Stupid, sterile scent pretty much flows through the whole place.

I grab a new towel from the robe in the hall as I remember my other one is in a heap on the floor and wouldn't be dry from this morning.

If I weren't going to dinner with Harry, I would probably be wearing tracksuit pants, and an oversized t-shirt while watching some sad romance film like The Titanic and eating ice-cream with one of the girls. Probably Hannah, she cries with me without any embarrassment. I love that girl.

But since I am going to dinner with Harry, I have to actually dress like a girl, not cry and eat a meal rather than a dessert.

Needless to say this is the last time I'm getting dressed up for a year.


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