Caring (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emily Blackwood is your almost average 20 year old nurse. She graduated university early due to her change of country, from Australia to London. With only Leah, Jess and Hannah as her friends, she struggles to find the romance she has dreamed of since a child. But that soon changes, all because of Leah. Emily isn't sure whether to thank her friend, or whether to hate her.
My fingers gently run over the dark mark situated in the crook of my neck. I wince at the slight pain. As I open my eyes that I didn't know I closed, I look to Leah.
My eyebrows furrow as I realise she isn't looking at me, but rather someone behind me. My head turns immediately to the source holding her attention.
He stands there, only metres from the door, staring at me. He smirks at me before dropping his left eye in a wink and vanishing out the door.
Fear racks through my body as I remember his words.
"You're now mine, Emily."
I turn back to Leah, our expressions the same.
Complete shock and fear.


24. Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Emily's POV

I follow Harry into the house silently. Well, as silent as I can be with my partial limp.

The house to me is unknown, but Harry seems to be familiar with it, letting himself in.

"Harry, mate. Glad you could make it." The voice sends chills down my spine. "Ah I see you brought your girl with you. Let us see." I step into Harry's back not wanting to make an appearance.

I now wish I had answered Harry's questions as to who it was who tried to take me.

Harry steps to the side looking down at me with a frown. I look up to the man I never wanted to see again.


"Isn't she gorgeous? You done well Harry." Greg's gaze remains on mine, his sinister smile worsening my chills.

Harry looks up and smiles. "Yeah, I think so too."

"I'm sorry Miss... Emily?" He pretends not to know my name. "You'll just have to step out, this is a private matter. I can get one of my men to fetch you anything you like."

I shake my head, my mouth unable to form words. I silently leave and stand outside the door.

I decide to take myself on a tour of the house. I walk through the lounge area, admiring simple features of the home. I take myself down the hallway, walking past rooms with their doors open. They are bedrooms, just normal bedrooms.

How can a man so evil act so normal?

I jump when someone walks out of one of the rooms. "You shouldn't be down this area Emily Blackwood." He says. It is one of the few men that got away from the shooting.

"I need to pee and I was looking for the bathroom." I say nervously.

He leans towards me, face only inches from mine. "Keep going down the hall and you'll find the bathroom."

I nod and step away from him. "Thanks."

I walk around him and keep walking down the hall. I turn back around and see him heading to the lounge area, probably to Greg. I silently race back to the room he came out of and open the door gently.

It squeaks and I freeze. When I hear nothing I slide through the small gap.

Oh my god.

It's like a security footage room. Small monitors placed next to one another playing different videos from different areas. My eyes flicker from screen to screen before stopping on one.

A girl, maybe only a few years older than me lay still on a bed. A man hovers her naked body thrusting.

I cover my mouth with my hand as tears brim my eyes. I quickly leave the room and walk down the hall, wiping away any trace of my moment.

I open up the door to the room Harry and Greg are in, interrupting their talking. "Harry, I want to leave." I say bluntly, my eyes on Greg and his evil eyes. Before Harry can even speak I talk again. "Now, Harry."

"Emily, get the fuck out." Harry glares at me.

I glare back. "Give me your gun, Harry."


"Give me your gun. Now." Harry leans forward pulling his gun from the waistband of his pants. He hands it to me with questionable eyes.

I immediately point my gun to Greg, his eyes now fearful. "Give him a gun."


"Just fucking do it!" I yell at him. Greg pulls out a gun and toss it to Harry. "Thank you."

"Emily, what the fuck are you doing?" Harry asks me.

I point my gun at him. "Pick up the gun." He does as I ask. "Now you have something to protect yourself with and so do I." I turn around to leave, but my hand pauses on the door knob. "And don't follow me." My words aimed at both men.

The door slams behind me and I make my way to the front door, the gun loosely hanging in my hand. I open the door and make my way out of the house and walk down the path.

My destination?

Anywhere but there.


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