Caring (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emily Blackwood is your almost average 20 year old nurse. She graduated university early due to her change of country, from Australia to London. With only Leah, Jess and Hannah as her friends, she struggles to find the romance she has dreamed of since a child. But that soon changes, all because of Leah. Emily isn't sure whether to thank her friend, or whether to hate her.
My fingers gently run over the dark mark situated in the crook of my neck. I wince at the slight pain. As I open my eyes that I didn't know I closed, I look to Leah.
My eyebrows furrow as I realise she isn't looking at me, but rather someone behind me. My head turns immediately to the source holding her attention.
He stands there, only metres from the door, staring at me. He smirks at me before dropping his left eye in a wink and vanishing out the door.
Fear racks through my body as I remember his words.
"You're now mine, Emily."
I turn back to Leah, our expressions the same.
Complete shock and fear.


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Emily's POV

I step out of the water, turning around to turn the taps off. I reach over and grab a towel to dry myself. Once dry, I wrap myself in the towel then look in the mirror. After making sure there is no evidence of my breakdown in the shower I unlock and open the door.

I cover my hand over my mouth to hold my scream. Harry smiles slightly and I uncover my mouth, panting slightly due to my racing heart. "You suck." He is sitting on the floor leaning against the opposite wall, his arms wrapped around his knees.

I turn down the hall headed towards the room Leah is letting me stay in. "Emily, please tell me what happened."

"Nothing." I reply too quickly. I immediately curse myself.

"Don't lie to me." Harry scolds me.

I wince stopping in the hall. "Can you just forget about it? Pretend it never happened."

"Something obviously fucking happened Emily!" He shouts.

"It was an accident!" I scream back turning around to face him.

He points to the covered spot underneath my towel. "Something like that couldn't have been an accident." He counters.

"It was." I turn back around and walk into the room slamming the door behind me.

I drop my towel and grab my bra. I put it on then grab the matching underwear. I love matching bras and undies, it's a bad habit, I think. I slide on my underwear and close the open drawer. I open the next one looking at the clothes. I grab a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a rolling stones shirt. I put on the skinny jeans, having a struggle like always. After a few seconds I get the button done up then I reach for my shirt, that I tossed on the bed.

As I pick it up the door opens, I immediately use the shirt to cover myself while screaming at the intruder. "Get out!"

"What happened Emily? And don't you dare tell me it was an accident, because shit like that can't be an accident."

"Harry. Get out." I step backwards as he steps forwards. "Harry."

He stops moving when he is only a few feet away. "Show me, Emily, please." His voice is begging.

"No Harry, please leave."

"I'm not leaving until you at tell me what happened." I shake my head. Then Harry's stance shifts. "For fucks sake Emily! What the fuck happened to you? You can't just have a scar at size on your body! Emily, what the fuck happened?" I flinched away from Harry when his voice first became louder. Now I am crouched on the floor, leaning against the bed that I backed into.

"I-I'm sorry." I whimper, holding back another breakdown.

"Jesus fucking Christ Emily. Tell me right fucking now." Harry's voice is no longer his own. But rather, my grandfather's.

"Grandpa, please don't, I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to. I forgot." I say curling tighter into myself avoiding eye contact with him. But when I only hear silence I look up to my grandfather, but this time it's Harry.

"Emily?" Harry's voice is hoarse.

"Oh god..." I whisper to myself. He knows, he knows. He can't. He shouldn't, if daddy finds out-

Your grandfather did that to you?" I shake my head to Harry's question, even though the answer is yes. "Don't lie to me Emily." Harry's voice seems closer but I don't look up. "I'm so sorry baby." He says as his hand slowly touches my thigh.

"Please don't." I sob, tears falling from my cheeks onto my jeans and bare stomach.

"What happened?" Harry's voice is soothing and I just want to fall into his comfort.

"He didn't mean to." I protect my grandfather. "It was an accident."

I look up to Harry. "What happened?"

I put my head back into my knees curling myself even smaller than before. "He didn't know what he was doing." I defend him again.

"Emily, please."

"He had an episode. He was crazy and lived in a nursing home under high care. And the nurse's went on break and forgot to collect his unfinished food and stuff." I say through my hiccups.

Harry begins to rub circles on my arms, which is surprisingly comforting.

"Someone dropped something outside of his room and he heard it. Then he just changed." I choke on my sob. "He got really frustrated and started yelling and picked up the knife he used to cut up his food. It wasn't a butter knife, it was a steak knife. Then he just-"

Harry cuts me off. "It's okay Emily."

"He didn't mean to." I continue to defend him even after everything he has done to me, which more than this one little incident.

Silence passes between me and Harry. But he makes the first movement.

His curls tickle my arm as he moves his head towards the scar. "Forever a fighter." He reads my tattoo which covers the majority of the scar. His fingers trace it before he plants a kiss on it. "You don't have to be a fighter anymore baby," he mumbles, lips only centimetres from my skin. "Because I'll fight for you."

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