Caring (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emily Blackwood is your almost average 20 year old nurse. She graduated university early due to her change of country, from Australia to London. With only Leah, Jess and Hannah as her friends, she struggles to find the romance she has dreamed of since a child. But that soon changes, all because of Leah. Emily isn't sure whether to thank her friend, or whether to hate her.
My fingers gently run over the dark mark situated in the crook of my neck. I wince at the slight pain. As I open my eyes that I didn't know I closed, I look to Leah.
My eyebrows furrow as I realise she isn't looking at me, but rather someone behind me. My head turns immediately to the source holding her attention.
He stands there, only metres from the door, staring at me. He smirks at me before dropping his left eye in a wink and vanishing out the door.
Fear racks through my body as I remember his words.
"You're now mine, Emily."
I turn back to Leah, our expressions the same.
Complete shock and fear.


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14


Harry's POV

I reach my arm out for Emily, to take comfort in her soft skin and inviting smell. I clutch the edge of her shirt and use both hands to pull her closer to me. Only she's a hell of a lot lighter than she was last night, maybe it was the alcohol. But she doesn't smell as good as she did last night. I squeeze my arm around her waist.

Frowning I squint my eyes open, only to close them again. It's too early for this shit. I lift my arm up protect my eyes from the light shining in through the window. Again I open my eyes, only to see I'm hugging a god damn pillow.

What the fuck?

In a matter of seconds I'm sitting upright clutching my aching head, and the pillow is sitting a few meters away on the floor.

Where the fuck is Emily? She better not have left me here.

I take a look around the room, Emily clothes that were discarded on the floor are no longer there. My shirt is folded neatly on the end of the bed. And on the bedside table is a note. Along with two pills, a glass of water and my phone.

I immediately take the pills swallowing them down with a few gulps of water. I then get out of bed, and pick up my phone and the note.

You deserve the severe headache you are currently having. But I thought I'd be nice. I have deleted my number from your phone and I will be staying at a friends for as long as I need for you to learn to stay away.

Tell Louis to stay safe and the same to Eleanor.

Goodbye Harry.

P.S I changed your background on your phone :P

I then open my phone up. She sure did. It's a picture of me sleeping. I glare daggers at my phone, then the note.

I scrunch the note up as I curl my fist.

Never have I ever been the person to wake up alone. I would always leave the girl I just had sex with right after we finished, or after she fell asleep.

This is different and this pisses me off.

How dare she fucking leave me without my permission?

I don't even bother throwing on my jeans or shirt before walking out to the main room. Lou is laying along the couch, a book in his hand an pencil in the other and a frown etching his bruised face. El is watching some girly television show. I can tell because one girl is crying and another is comforting her.

"Where the fuck is Emily?"

El jumps but Lou doesn't even look up. "Morning to you to mate." He says blankly. I can see Louis smirking over the top of his book. "She left a couple of hours ago. She told me to tell you to leave her the fuck alone. That's what she said." Lou shrugs.

"Nobody has ever left you before you left them, right Harry? It hurts doesn't it." Eleanor teases.

I glare at her. "Back off, just because you're in a shitty mood, don't take it out on my girlfriend." Lou says still frowning. "Go put some clothes on."

Ignoring his request I actually pay attention to what he is doing. "What the fuck are you doing? You sure as hell don't write and you definitely don't draw."

Louis hums as he continues frowning. "Trying to figure out what the fuck Emily did last night."

I think back to the previous night. She drove us here, before that we had the encounter with Luke and Jared.

"Did you forget? She blew up Luke's gun." Eleanor looks shocked at Louis words, and honestly I am too. "It's pretty much impossible. The only way she could have done it is by hitting his bullet. But getting a bullet into the barrel of a gun that size at the right angle is impossible. Even at close the close range she had with him. But she even said last night that it wasn't a fluke." I walk over and have a look at the book.

Lou has drawn multiple versions but crossed them out. He is pretty much our technical guy, he knows how things work and hacking and shit like that. I can barely even recognise what I am supposed to be looking at.

"None of it works and I'm just so fucking confused." He complains.

I frown remembering the note. "Get me Emily's number, she deleted it from my phone. I need to talk to her."

"Go to her house, you know where it is right?" Eleanor says.

"She staying at her friends. She's avoiding me." I fight the urge to growl my words.

Emily is so much more different than I expected. She done the impossible - blowing up a gun. She rejected me - a few times. She left me - alone in bed.

I can't believe she left me.

And yes El, it does hurt.

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