Caring (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emily Blackwood is your almost average 20 year old nurse. She graduated university early due to her change of country, from Australia to London. With only Leah, Jess and Hannah as her friends, she struggles to find the romance she has dreamed of since a child. But that soon changes, all because of Leah. Emily isn't sure whether to thank her friend, or whether to hate her.
My fingers gently run over the dark mark situated in the crook of my neck. I wince at the slight pain. As I open my eyes that I didn't know I closed, I look to Leah.
My eyebrows furrow as I realise she isn't looking at me, but rather someone behind me. My head turns immediately to the source holding her attention.
He stands there, only metres from the door, staring at me. He smirks at me before dropping his left eye in a wink and vanishing out the door.
Fear racks through my body as I remember his words.
"You're now mine, Emily."
I turn back to Leah, our expressions the same.
Complete shock and fear.


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


The silence is unbearable.

Neither of us has said a word to each other since the incident in the alley. I feel bad and awkward. His harsh frown is the only thing keeping me silent.

He has spoken, but not to me. Only to the scared lady who sent us to a table. I don't blame her. At first Harry's harsh frown looked like a death glare, but the more you look the more clear his emotions become.

But in saying that, I've been here ten minutes and I still can't figure out what emotion it actually is.

"Good evening, I'm Max and I'll be your waiter for this evening." The voice startles me and I look up to the waiter. "Here are our menus. Please take your time on choosing your meal for this evening, and I'll be back in a moment to take your order." A menu is placed in front of us both.

I open my mouth to thank the waiter, but he is no longer there. He seems more nervous around Harry than the lady who gave us our table.

When we sat down I noticed how far away we were from the other customers, either because Harry asked for this table, or the lady wanted the criminal away from the innocent.

I'm thinking it was probably Harry who asked for the table.

"The chicken alfredo pasta is the best." I look up to Harry who's attention is on the menu. Before I even question why he knows that he answers. "I come here a lot."

I nod and open my menu.

The meals on the menu are either confusing and I don't know what they are or just don't appeal to me. So I decide to stick with Harry's suggestion as I begin to crave it.

I place my menu down and look around the restaurant. It is simple yet beautiful.

What I don't get is why Harry is so nice to me? I mean yeah, he's kind of rude, and very obnoxious, but strangely nice. I just don't get it.

Well he threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his car forcing me to take a ride with him. He is forcing me to go on a date with him, even though I came willingly. Hey, I'd rather not be killed by a gang member with anger issues. So can you blame me?

But then again he did just save me from being raped. And I am sitting in a very nice restaurant, about to have a hopefully very nice meal.

Well there are the same amount of cons as there are pros.

"What are you going to have?" Harry says taking me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, I'll have what you suggested." I say quietly, and a small smile crosses his face.



"Excuse me, are you ready to order?" We both look up to Max.

"Yes, we will both have the chicken alfredo pasta. I think we will both have a water with those." Harry looked to me will questionable eyes so I nod at him agreeing with his choice of beverage.

"Sure, I'll be right back with your drinks." Max said before walking away quickly.

"So, Emily. Tell me about yourself." I frown at him asking what he meant. "What do you do for a living?"

"Oh, I'm a nurse." I shrug.

Harry smirks before replying. "Kinky." I glower at him making him laugh.

"Pig." I mutter under my breath.

He obviously heard me as his smirk grows slightly larger. "How about simple questions? Favourite colour, favourite food, family?"

A different waiter comes back with our drinks, and leaves without saying a word.

I frown at the waiter then look back to Harry. "Blue, Subway Cookies and my mother passed away when I was 16. Father still lives in Australia and so does my brother."


I regretted not saying the my before I, but I was hoping he didn't notice. "Yes, father." I say bluntly trying to dismiss the conversation.

Harry frowns and I shake my head, silently saying I don't want to talk about it.

He respects it and changes the conversation back to stuff I like and what I don't like. He barely allows me a chance to figure out what his interests and dislikes are. Our food arrives during our conversation but we continue it as we eat.

I had about a third of my meal left after we finished. Harry offered me dessert but I declined admitting I was too full to fit another bite of food in my mouth, no matter how sweet. Harry chuckled and then we decided to leave.

"I'll pay for mine." I say and push my money towards the lady at the counter. Harry's hand stops mine.

"I'm paying." He pulls my hand back and hands the lady his money.

As we walk out Harry takes my hand in his, I think to make sure that I don't run off again. "You could have let me at least pay for mine." I said only moments after we walk out.

"What kind of man would I be if I did let you pay?" He asks rhetorically.

I decide to be sarcastic and answer anyways. "Not a gentleman, so obviously a gang member." I smile with satisfaction at my response.

I look up at him to catch his reaction. It's only now that I realise how much of a height difference there is between us. I'm not even up to his shoulder.

He frowns down at me, but he still wears an amused smile. "Are you saying a gang member can't be a gentleman?" I nod.

"Well I did just take you out for dinner, and did I not save your virginity?" He asks.

"Actually that was taken a while a go. You assumed wrong Harry Styles." I smirk and he seems to be shocked.

"Really now?" I nod. "By who?"

"Nobody you know."

He voice becomes serious compared to my playful tone. "Tell me."

"His name is Jim." Or Gym, as in gymnastics. My hymen broke doing gymnastics, we discovered this when mum put me on birth control to regulate my period.

Well yeah I haven't had sex, but I don't have a hymen.

Harry was quiet after that. We arrived to the car and we both got in the car in complete silence. The same happened on the drive home. As we pulled up I got out the car, and turned to thank Harry before I shut the door, only to realise he wasn't there. I turned back around only to jump in surprise because Harry was right in front of me, one hand on the open door, the other leaning against the car.

"Thanks." I tell him.

"It's fine." He says. Neither of us say anything for moment. "Am I going to get a goodnight kiss?" He asks with a smirk.

I glare at him again. "Don't push your luck, Styles."

"Come on Emily, it's just a kiss." He continues to smirk. "And I think you owe me, for tonight."

"Owe you for what?" He raises his eyebrows making me remember what I owe him for. "Oh."

"So?" He asks trying to both encourage me and hurry me up.

"Fine." I grab his face a kiss his cheek. "There."

He pouts. "That would hardly suffice. Especially after I risked my life to save yours."

"I don't like you."

"I know."

This time I grab his face and pull it down to mine. Our lips connect in a soft kiss, his lips begin to move against my own. I take this as I sign to pull away.

"How was that?" I ask jokingly.

"Definitely better than the last." He smirks.

Pause.. "So, can I go now?"

He leans down to me again. "One more." he whispers before kissing me again.

Except this time when he begins to move his lips, I start moving my own.

When he pulls away I'm surprised he didn't go further with kiss. But I'm not complaining, I'm happy he didn't.

"You can go now." He says before moving out of my way. "I'll be seeing you soon Emily." His voice says as I am just about to walk into the building.

I don't even bother to reply.

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