Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


8. Chapter 8- Halloween

Chapter 8- Halloween

Tyra's POV

It was finally Halloween. Which is awesome. Who doesn't love this holiday. Getting alot of free candy rocks. It was awesome also cause I was with my friends. Abbey, Ariana, Sam, Leo, Felipe, Ethan, Ky'Asia, Ka'Sheema, Lupe, Yeimi, Emma, Michelle, Erica, Melanie, Jose, Jordan, and Nah'cier.

Everyobe had great costumes. Abbey was Pinkie Pie from Cupcakes. Ariana was a Fallen Angel. Sam was Robin. Leo was Scream. Felipe was football player. Ethan was Jason from Friday The 13. Ky'Asia was the girl version of Edward Siccorhands. Ka'Sheema was zombie nurse. Lupe was a vampire. Yeimi was the girl version of Chucky. Emma was dressed as a devil girl. Michelle was a cat. Erica was a nerd. Melanie was a witch but not the ugly one with a green face just a long black puffy dress and a cape that had a hood. Jose was Dark Vader. Jordan was a hobo and Nah'cier was dressed as rapper.


Lupe's POV

I feel like I look ratchet. But its all for the candy.

Anyways we were trick or treating. If you think that's for kids then shut the fuck up cause its not. I love Halloween.

We were already walking in the street. It was fun. I can't wait to get to Abbey's house. We're going to trade candy then go to a party.

I mostly hope we have another hang over. My head hurt like hell after that shit happened but there's only Mr.Cohen to blame for being such a creepy hoe.

We were in the middle of crossing the street when all of the sudden we saw lights heading towards us. We all ran quickly. to the sidewalk. "WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!" Ariana screamed. The turned around. I saw the driver it was Mr.Cohen. "GUYS RUN!!!!!" Ky'Asia said.

We all ran to Abbey's house. My heart was racing faster than before. Abbey opened the door and we got in quickly.


Ky'Asia's POV

"Ok so were all clear that Mr. Tubby rapists tried to run over us?" Lupe said. I sighed. "Guys we gotta get out of here, it's not safe he saw us obviously come in here." I said. "Where are we going to run off to?" Abbey asked. I thought for a while. "Well you can lock the back door with keys right?" I asked. "Yea" Abbey said taking her keys out. "Ok here's the plan. We're going to split up into groups. Group 1:Tyra, Felipe, and Nah'cier. Group 2:Jose, Jordan, and Abbey. Group 3:Me, Ka'Sheema, and Erica. Group 4:Melanie, Ethan, and Sam. Group 5:Lupe, Emma, and Yeimi. Group 6: Ariana, Leo, and Michelle." I paused for a while. "Ok so were in groups for what?" Jose asked. "We are all taking different ways. Now Abbey you have to leave your bag here." Abbey nodded. "Why do we new to split into groups. I'm sorry Ky'Asia but your making no sense." Lupe said.

"Were all taking different ways to the party. There is many ways to get there. Group 1 you take the alley. I know group 2 can take a short cut through the forest. Group 3 were taking the street which is risky but we'll get there. Group 4 your going out through the back door. Group 5 you take the bathroom window. Group 6 you go out by the basement." I said. Everybody nodded. "Ok your also going home quickly to leave your bags full of candy in your house." I said. "Ok good luck when you're all out there." I said to everybody.

Time to take risks. Ka'Sheema, Erica and I ran out of the house quickly. We ran first off to Erica's house. She opened the door quickly. We got in and she put her bag down. I turned off her lights since she turned them on. "What are yo-" I cut her off "shhhh he's out there" I whispered. "Girls come out or I'll get in" he said in his little rapist voice. We went out through the back door and ran to Ka'Sheema's house and then to mine. 

After that we went to the party. Everybody was already there. Abbey and Melanie were talking to some girl. Erica and Ka'Shemma had already left me so I was standing there awkwardly. I started lingering around the place. Some people were drunk. I wasn't looking where I was going. I kept walking around then I bumped into somebody almost causing me to fall luckily they caught me.

I looked into his beautiful blueish/grayish eyes. "I'm so sorry." I said. "Don't worry it's ok." he said so sweetly. I stood up "I'm Mason" He said extending his hand. "I'm Ky'Asia" I said shaking his hand.

The rest of the night we talked. I found out he was going to start going to the same school as me on Monday. I can't wait. The only sad part was that it was on November 1.

Gianna's P.O.V

I was walking to the dance floor when someone pops in front of me. 

"AHH!" I screamed. 

"It's just me you dummy!" Abbey said."Nice Fluttershy costume!" She added on as she examined my costume. 

"Thanks! Not too bad yourself," I said 

"Sup Dudes!" Melanie exclaimed. 

"Hey G, meet Mel!" Abbey said. 

"Hi!" I waved. "Hey, do you guys want to dance?" I asked. 

"Why not?" They said. 

When we were done dancing, we went Trick O' Treating and we toilet papered people's houses! This was the best Halloween ever! 


Hey guys sorry for the very long wait. Updates will be on Fridays. Anyways the picture of the girl is who is playing as Abbey in the story. Also some characters have been taken out because it was a bit to hard to keep track. Leo is replacing Cristian and Emma is replacing Sarai. Now Gianna is a new writer. So yea go follow @Tyra_101 @Skittles929 and @giannasimonexoxo. We hope you enjoyed the chapter. Don't forget to vote, comment, and add this story to your library. Thanks for reading- Tyra, Gianna, Abbey, and Mel <3

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