Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


7. Chapter 7-The Hang Over Part 2

Chapter 7- The Hang Over Part 2

 Ariana's POV

When I got home I blasted Black Veil Brides. I laid on my couch thinking how the hell I had the courage to kiss Cristian. I've liked him for long time but never told him that. I hope it doesn't ruin our friendship.

At that moment my phone rang. "Hey Ariana." It was Cristian. "Hi buddy." I said. "So about party. I'm sure we didn't mean to make out." He said. I felt my heart break a bit. "Yea we were fucked up. You know. So don't worry." I said and fake laughed. He also laughed. "Anyways I gotta go" I said "Ok bye" He said and I hanged up. 

I stopped the music. I just layed there and stared at the ceiling losing myself into my own thoughts. I kept thinking until I fell asleep.


 Felipe's POV

I was home. Just chilling on the couch. I was trying to remember what happened last night. My head started to hurt. I got up and walked to my bedroom. I laid on my bed.


"HEY LITTLE SON OF A BITCH!" Sam yelled. Everybody was dancing. Abbey came in with bottles of whiskey and wine. "YOU ARE ALL CRAZY ASS BITCHES!" Ariana screamed. Everyone laughed. I was dancing with Tyra. Until I made my move and kissed her. "HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT THE CUTE COUPLE!!!" Ka'Sheema screamed. "GET A ROOM!" Jose shouted.

*end of flashback*

My headache finally was over and I fell asleep.


Abbey's POV

I finished cleaning up all the mess that was made from the party. Damn I was exhausted. All that work done by myself. I need a fucking vacation from school. It's only Saturday. I need to finish my chores than just chill here.

I was sitting there doing nothing. My phone started to ring. "Hi Abbey" My mom said. "Hey mom! I miss you so much." I said smiling. "We miss you too hunny" My mom said. "So how's California?" I asked. "It's great here. I miss being over there but I'll be there by the time senior year starts. Once you come back from school we will be there." "Yea I know but I'll still miss you guys." I said a bit upset. "I know that but time goes by fast don't worry." She said. 

We talked for a while until she had to go. I was a bit upset when she hanged up. I decided to lay on the ground. I have no idea why. I just felt like it. I laid there for a while. Until I felt like not being a lazyass and doing my work then going to bed.


Melanie's POV

I was at home. I was eating candy and ice cream. I was watching Adventure Time. I sighed. Ethan has been calling me. Of course I was hurt. But I'll let it go someday. 

My phone rang. It was Tyra. "Hey Tyra" I said. She should light up my mood. "Hey Melanie. Look I'm very sorry I didn't say anything earlier. I was just a bit surprised about how you looked. I'm really sorry. I was trying to tell you what I was actually thinking but I didn't" Ethan said. I sighed "Then what were you thinking that you couldn't tell me." I said a bit harshly. "I wanted to tell you that you looked pretty. And never doubt that you look horrible" He said. I blushed. "So do you forgive me?" Ethan asked. "Yea" I said and smiled. "Good I missed talking to my best friend. Anyways I gotta go home. Bye" He said. " Bye Bestie" I said and hanged up.

I felt better. I finished up the candy and ice cream and fell asleep on the couch.


Hey fans of this story. Well sorry if the chapter sucked. So anyways I hope you enjoyed the chapter. The picture of the guy is who's playing Cristian in the story. Ok sorry again about the chapter. Love you all- Abbey, Tyra and Mel <3

P.S. Since it's June 17 it's Black Veil Brides day. So Happy BVB Day to everyone!!- Mel <3

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