Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


5. Chapter 5-Coming Back And Parties

Chapter 5- Coming Back And Parties

 Ky'Asia's POV

today is so exciting Michelle and Erica are coming back. They were in New York for the past few weeks. Its September 29 already. They weren't here for the first day of school. At least they're coming back. I missed them so much.

So you must be wondering how we got out of the school when we were in detention two weeks ago. Well your not going to find out. i'm just kiddiling.


Everybody woke up. We walked out of the closet. "So what now? Do you think the doors will open yet?" Tyra asked. "We will only find out if someone goes try to open it." I say. Felipe walks to the door and opens it."Lets go everybody" Felipe says and we run to the stuff we got here by. Some people were lucky they brought skateboards or bikes. Some of us ran. We got out of that hell.

*end of flashback*

Michelle and Erica have to know about this. They will laugh but feel bad that we were stuck there. They're so kind. That's why you gotta have them as friends. They are shy at first but when you get to know them better you find very kind girls that are hilarious.

I started getting ready for school. I put on my Pierce The Veil shirt that Michelle gave me, black skinny jeans, vans, and Sleeping With Sirens and Black Veil Brides bracelets that Erica gave me.


Felipe's POV

Today is going to be exciting. Sam is coming back. He's my best friend but more like a bro to me. I would've hanged out with him over weekend but I was trapped in school. 

I put on blue skinny jeans, a white shirt, and Jordan's. Sam was suspended for putting his middle fingers up at Mr. Cohen a.k.a tubby rapist and telling him to suck it.

Everybody was cracking up. During the whole entire period. Today will be so hilarious with him back.


*Second Period*

Abbey's POV

Today is my birthday!!! This is so exciting. I'm so happy. Mr. George was taking attendance. "Abbey Issac? Also happy birthday." Mr. George said. "Here and thanks" I said politely. The first to notice my birthday.

Everybody started to say happy birthday to me. "how old are you turning today?" Yeimi asked. "14" I said. She smiled and Mr. George started the lesson.

Everybody was so kind. I'm glad that I'm in this class and not with those sluts. By sluts I'm talking about Karielys, Alyssa, Asia, Janea, Iyanna, Yareles, and their gay friend Fredrick. THANK GOD!


*Eighth Period*

Michael's POV

It's good to be back. I was Ohio and wasn't here for the few weeks of school. Neither was Lexie. She was North Carolina. We didn't get to spend the summer together but at least we can spend the school year together.

We met the new students Abbey and Ethan. They both are kind. Today is Abbey's birthday. She's turning 14 even though she's suppose to be turning 15. There's going to be a party  after school.

To bad Cristie and Patrick will miss it. Cristie went to Tennessee and Patrick went to Wyoming.

I heard about the detention story. Sounded fun yet dreadful. Good thing Lexie and I weren't here for that. 

About party Abbey doesnt know so its going to be a surprise. We gotta decorate her house and all. It will take a while but at least it will turn out as a good party.


*After School*

Third Person's POV

While everybnody decorated Abbey's house Abbey was going around the town. Everybody brought presents. There was an icy blue cake, presents, and streamers.

Abbey was in for a big surprise.Who knows how happy she will be that her friends will be there. Sadly her family isn't there because everybody's family was on vacation to California and wont come back till senior year.


Abbey's POV

I'm currently on a scavenger hunt. i wish i hadn't followed the note. oh well to late. God the stupid choices i make. I wonder who the hell dropped that ucking note in my locker. They suck dick for making me follow this. It all happened after school.


A note falls from my locker. it says:

"Happy birthday Abbey! Hope your having a good day. Now there's a surprise for you but you have to follow the clues on the notes.There are three notes . This one doesn't count. For the first note go to the place where girls change. Good luck!"

*end of flashback*

I went to the girls locker room. I opened my gym locker. Another fell. It says:

"Good job you figured it out. Mostly cause it was easy. Now for the second note go to a place where kids go to have fun. Good luck"

I walked to the park. I looked for the note everywhere but couldnt find it. I sat on a swing and looked to the left. There was the note hanging.   

"Now to search for the last note. Good luck with this one. This place is your favorite. Not alot of people go there but you like it that way."

I walked to the mall. when i got there i walked straight to Friendly's. Don't judge me. i like ice cream. It makes me feel better. "Are you Abbey Issac?" a lady asked. "Yea why?" I asked. She handed me a peanut butter ice cream and the last note. "It's free. Enjoy your ice cream and happy birthday" she said with a smile."Thank you" I said and smiled back.

I finished my ice cream and read the note. It said:

"You found the place. Good. Now i hope you liked our little hunt. Now go back to where you live. Bye."

I walked all the way home. I did all that searching to be to go home. I wonder who wrote that so i can beat the fucking shit out them. So fucking ignorant.

I opened the door to my house. As i turned on the light, I was startled with the loud cheer of "SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBEY!!!" I looked around to see my house covered in streamers, banners, and gifts. I was speechless. No one has ever done this for me.

Sam walked up to me with a smile. He was holding an icy blue cake that said: "Happy 14th Birthday Abbey." Ariana blasted the music. I thanked everyone and danced.

"YOLO SO IT'S A SLEEPOVER!!!" I yelled. Everyone cheered. The pairs were:

Felipe and Tyra

Ariana and Christian

Melanie and Ethan

Sam and Abbey

Ka'Sheema and Ky'Asia

Michelle and Erica

Michael and Lexie

Yeimi, Sarai, and Lupe

Jose and Nah'cier

Everybody was having a good time. The music was blast. People started to get hyper. Everybody was laughing and talking or talking. Everything was awesome. Then it blacked out.


Hello there readers. Hoped you loved this chapter. New people in this story. The picture of the guy is Ethan. Anyways it's not Abbey's birthday but September it will be. We hope you liked the chapter. Love you all- Abbey, Tyra, and Mel <3

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