Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


4. Chapter 4-Saturday Detention

Chapter 4- Saturday Detention

Tyra's POV

We all sat in detention. This was boring. Mr. D'Anna locked us in the library. everybody was spread around the room. Ariana was in a corner listening to her music. Ka'Sheema and Ky'Asia were on the ground talking to Cristian, Andrew,and Ethan. Jordan was talking with me and Felipe. Melanie was siting by the table in dark corner. she was writing something.

Al of the sudden Ky'Asia stands on a table."Hey everybody pay attention. Everyone knows how we have a tech lab so lets go there." she said. Ky'Asia is like a leader, but shes also sensitive.

we all walked to the tech lab and instantly got on the computer. Felipe was sitting right next to me. Ethan sat next to Melanie on the far,far,very far row. Ariana was on the computer that the teachers would use. Andrew and Jordan sat next to Cristian. Ka'Sheema,Ky'Asia,Jose,and Nah'cier were sitting next to each other. 


Melanie's POV

i was siting next to Ethan. god he's hot. i just want to kiss him sometimes. why is he so fucking hot. i swear i would die happy if he kissed me.

NO! stop thinking like that it wont happen. i moved my mouse and accidentally hit his hand. "sorry" i said "its ok" he mumbled. Why is it all awkward all of the sudden.

then the lights turn out and i hear a scream. "hey is everybody ok?" Ky'Asia asked. everybody said yea but who screamed. "i'll be back" i said and got out of the tech lab.

i walked around looking if somebody was in the library. i kept looking around the library and found nothing.

i was starting to walk back when i bumped into somebody. "sorry" i said "its ok Melanie" it was Ethan. a smile spread on my face even though he couldn't see it. "how come your here?" i asked. "i heard a girl scream." "i heard it too." "how about we look for the girl together?" he asked. "sure" i said.

we walked around together looking. we talked while we walked. its nice talking to him. i turned and walked backwards since there's no tables or chairs in the way. "so hows your- ahhh" i was about to fall but Ethan caught me. the windows lit up the room a bit. i stared into his light brown eyes. we stayed like that for a while. He started to move closer and closer to me. His lips were so close to mine. but then the girl cleared her throat. 


Abbey's POV

 i watched the two people stare at me as i cleared my throat. "Hi" i said with surprise. "why are you here?" i asked. the girl with black hair stood up tall and spoke "i heard a scream when the lights went out."

oh finally someone who cares!!! The boy asked "do you have detention?" "yeah its bullshit."

"Why are you here?"asked the boy. "My teacher is a jackass and has no humor." i popped a can of Pepsi and put a straw in. "So Ms.Hoayeck was asking a simple ass question. She started bitching about how we didn't listen and that's shit." i said.

i took a small sip from the straw and continued. "then she said we wouldnt this question. if i have 6 bottles in this hand and 10 in the other what do i have? i said a drinking problem. i started to smirk when everyone laughed. boy i was proud." i said.

"then this bitch ,tells me that wasn't funny, and throws an apple at me. i punched the apple back at her like a boss. everyone started snickering and some students started whispering was that Abbey wow. Ms.Hoayeck handed me a detention slip and i rolled my eyes and  smirked. then my best friend said that's was fucking awesome dude. so i said i know." i explained.

"wow. you are bad ass" said the boy. "by the way I'm Ethan" he said "yeah i know" i replied. "I'm in most your classes cause when you guys have math i have health  and when i have math you guys have health then the rest of the classes are the same." i explained.

"Man, i hate Mrs.Warrington. she is so fucking annoying. i wanna punch her right in the face. that's would be very amusing." i said "yea she sure is a bitch" said Melanie.

i rolled my eyes to see Karielys walking down the street with some of her bitchy friends. i got her attention by putting the middle finger. i opened up the window and said "SUP MOTHER FUCKER" and threw some Pepsi in that ugly face. "UGH I'M GONNA MAKE YOU UNPOPULAR, ABBEY J. ISSAC.UGHHH" "hey bitch i just made you a laughing stalk!!!" she walked away.


*later in the day*

Ethan's POV 

after we got abbey in the tech lab everybody got to know her. it was close to sunset. "hey Ethan can you come with me?" Melanie asked softly. 

i followed her to the roof. "what are we doing out here?" i asked. "sit next to me." she said and patted a spot next to her. i walked over sitting next to her.

"so why did you bring me out here?" i asked. "look at the sunset it looks beautiful." she said. its pretty but not as pretty as her. what am i saying. Ethan snap out of it she doesn't like you back.

we both looked at it for a while until the sun went down. "owww." "whats wrong?" i asked. "something is in my eye" Melanie said rubbing her eye. "here let me see" i said scooting closer to her. i looked at her in the eyes. i could get lost in those dark brown eyes.

i started to lean in. we were so close to kissing. her lips were ate least a few centimeters away from mine.

we were about to kiss until Tyra came on the roof. we quickly looked at her. "umm i was interrupting?" Tyra asked. "no i just had something in my eye and Ethan was just checking" Melanie said.

i guess that proves that Melanie doesn't like me. i guess were just going to be friends.


Third Person's POV

after time was up in detention everybody waited for Mr.D'Anna to show up but he never did. so  they looked out the window and saw Mr.D'Anna rushing to his car. everyone in the detention started screaming to Mr.D'Anna but he didnt hear them.

they started to freak out. "were going to die of starvation." Abbey said. "no were not i brought snacks" Ka'Sheema and Melanie said. everybody got some of the snacks but it wasnt enough. "I'm thirsty" Cristian said. "dude there's a water fountain over there" Ariana said.

"were going to die. there's water but no food." Felipe said. everybody started to panic again. 


Tyra's POV

i took a pin out of my hair. i started to pick the lock with the pin. i unlocked the door. "GUYS HURRY LETS GET OUT OF THIS SCHOOL!!!" i said and opening the door. we all ran out of the library. we tried getting out but the doors were locked. 

"were going to die" Jose said. "no were not. we can always  eat the food in the lunch room" Ky'Asia said. everybody ran to lunch room. we grabbed chips,cookies, and snapples. this was fun. "i need entertainment since my phone ran out of battery" Ariana said. "ok then everyone preforms at least one song" Melanie said.

The order people sang:

Me- One Way Or A Another by: One Direction

Ariana- Die For You by: Black Veil Brides

Ky'Asia- Hospital For Souls by: Bring Me The Horizon

Melanie- All My Heart by: Sleeping With Sirens

After everybody singing we spread around the school to sleep in different classrooms.

Order of people in classrooms:

Tyra, Nah'cier, and Jose- Mrs.Germano's room

Ky'Asia and Ka'Sheema- Mrs.Fasano's and Hoayeck's room

Ethan and Melanie- Ms.Michal's room

Felipe and Cristian- Mrs.Townsend's room

Ariana and Abbey- Mr.George's room

everybody was asleep. i heard a thump. i got up and walked out of the room. i bumped into Melanie. "why are you awake at this time?" Melanie asked. "i heard a thump" i said "i heard it too" she said. "go pack some of the food and water from the lunch room. ill wake everyone up. were going to meet up in janitors closet. got it?" Melanie said "got it" i said "good now go" she said. "ok" i said and left.


Melanie's POV

i went running to every room. i had a trick to wake everyone up. i woke up Ky'Asia and Ka'Sheema by saying that justing beiber is in the room. i woke up Jose and Nah'cier by saying two chains. i woke up cristian and Felipe by saying Tyra and Ariana were in the room. i woke up Abbey by telling her that there was a fight. i woke Ariana by telling that Cristian was in the room. lastly was Ethan. i kissed his cheek quickly before i woke him up. "hey Ethan wake up someones in the building and im scared" i said and he woke up. "come on follow me were hiding in the janitors closet. i grabbed his hand and we ran there and met up with everybody else. Tyra was there with the bag of food and water. "we cant get in. its locked" Tyra said. Abbey got her keys out and opened the door. "i know the janitor" Abbey said and got in the closet. it has alot of space. so we all fit in there with out being squished.


Third Person's POV

as Mr.Cohen searched the school and couldn't find anybody the group of teenagers were hiding in the closet. everybody was quiet. it started to get to quiet. it was very silent that some of the teenagers fell asleep.

half of the group was awake. they were eating and drinking quietly. all they heard footsteps walking back and forward. 

finally all the students gave up and fell asleep.


Hi readers! so you enjoyed it? hope you did. it took a long while to figure things out but its here now. and also Tyra and I have a new writer joining us. so the chapters should be uploaded quicker. YAY! also the picture of the girl is Ariana. Anyways thanks for reading- Abbey,Tyra and Mel. <3

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