Our Weird High School

This story is about me and my friends in a crazy high school. You gotta read it. It's gonna be good.


3. Chapter 3-Fun Friday

Chapter 3- Fun Friday

Ariana'a POV

As I walked to Melanie's house I had my music on blast. I was listening to If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens. I sent her a text. My text said:

Hey BVB buddy. I'm outside waiting for you so we can walk.

-Ary Biersack-


Ok hold up I just have to get my sweater and thanks for waiting.

-Mel Quinn-

I sat on the stairs and watched as the cars passed by. I started humming along to the song.

Then Melanie came out with her skateboard.

Patrick's POV

Cristie and I were riding our scooters to school. She's hot. She has blonde and brown hair. Then her eyes are hazel. I love her so much and she loves me back.

When we got to school we went to our lockers and grabbed our stuff. Then we walked to the boys locker room. Of course Cristie waited outside.I went to leave my stuff for baseball. We have a game today.I might not go because of detention. FUCK THAT SHIT I'M SKIPPING!!!

After i got out pf the locker room Cristie and I walked to first period hand in hand.


Tyra's POV

I was riding my electric scooter to school.On my way there I saw Jordan and Andrew riding their bicycles. Ariana and Melanie were ahead. Felipe was on his own electric scooter with Cristian next to him. Ethan was behind me on his skateboard. Then everybody else was walking.

When  we got to school everybody went to their lockers and grabbed their stuff for their first four classes.

I started walking to first period. Ihate that class. that bitch is scary as hell.

When the bell rang everybody got inside the classroom. We all waited five minutes for Mr. Cohen to get in the room but instead a substitute came in. It was Mrs. Yow. Everybody likes her. She always gives us a fortune teller fish. She also lets us do our homework in class.


*5 minutes left of third period*

Melanie's POV

Mrs. Townsend said we could test out the fortune teller fish. shes awesome! I looked at my fish and saw the outcome was that I WAS IN LOVE! FUCK! Calm down its just a game. 

Of course a lot of the outcomes were confused, jealous, emotionless, or in love. I sighed and put the fish away before anybody could see the outcome.

"hey Melanie what did yours say?" Cristie asked. I looked at her for a while then I said "emotionless".

She looked deeply in my eyes making sureIi wasn't lying when I was. I looked at her seriously then she said "ok". she smiled and walked away.


*The end of the day*

Ethan's POV 

I cant believe it. WTF!!! Why the fuck did they change the date for detention 


We were all walking to detention. When we got there we saw Mr. D'Anna siting on the desk. "Hey kids detetntion is tomorrow what are you all doing here?" Everybody was about to curse. "the paper says detention is today" Tyra said. " well I'm the one who gave you detention not the paper" he said. Everybody got out and walked the same way.

*end of flashback*

Melanie went in front of everybody and stopped us from walking. "How about we all go to the baseball game and then we can all grab our sleeping bags with any shit you need to sleep with so we all meet up at my house. I'll take out a bunch of camping tents and we all can sleep over."  Everybody started to say that was good idea.

This should be fun.


*after the baseball*

Melanie's POV

 "Ok everyone go to your houses get your sleeping bags and any other shit you need to sleep then go to my house." I said and everybody nodded or said "okay".

Everyody crossed the street. I was on my skateboard. Ethan was next to me on his skateboard. The wind started blow. When I looked at Ethan his hair looked.....just so amazing. I shook my head and focused on not bumping into tree.

We started to talk while we skateboarded. We went to his house to get his stuff before we went to mine. 

He helped me set up the tents. 

By the time we finished everybody started to get here.


*when people settled in*

 Cristie's POV

Everybody had a buddy in the tent. The order was:

me and Patrick

Tyra and Ariana

Felipe and Cristian

Ky'asia and Ka'sheema

Nah'cier and Jose

Jordan and Andrew

Sarai, Yeimi, and Lupe

Melanie and Ethan

For dinner we had pizza and we made smores. That shit was good. That's why Melanie is my bestie. She's more like a sister to me. She's always cheers me up when I'm down.

After we had that awesome fucking dinner we all went to the tents to go to bed.


Third person's POV

Cristie and Patrick's tent: Cristie and Patrick were cuddled up together.

Tyra and Ariana's tent: Tyra was asleep while Ariana was watching a scary movie on her iphone

Felipe and Cristian's tent: They were talking about Tyra and Ariana.

ky'asia and ka'sheema's tent:They were talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Nah'cier and Jose's tent: They were making fun of Mr. Cohen and calling him tubbs.

Jordan and Andrew's tent: Jordan was watching pewdiepie and Andrew was reading a book.

Sarai, Yeimi, and Lupe's tent: They were talking about prince Royce

Melanie and Ethan's tent: They were both asleep but Melanie started to shiver so Ethan cuddled with her.


Patrick's POV

 I was asleep cuddled up to Cristie when I heard something move. I opened one eye to see if it was Cristie. But it wasn't her, she was sleep. She looked adorable. Then I heard the noise again.

I got up making sure I didn't wake Cristie up. I grabbed my baseball bat and opened the tent as quietly as I could.

Then I saw somebody, but it wasn't one of the people staying here. So I hit that dude.

Everybody heard him groan in pain. Everyone that were staying here all got out of their tents. Somebody turned on a flashlight .

There was Mr. Cohen laying on the ground. He was carrying rope and tape. So I tied him up, duck taped his mouth and took him to a park. I laid him on a bench. I made sure to make him look like a hobo.

Then I ran back to Melanie's house.

Everybody went back to sleep. Before we all went back to bed we all discussed something.


"What the hell was he doing here?"Ky'Asia asked. "Tubbs was trying to rape the girls its obvious" Nah'cier said. We all laughed. "Clam down guys he's gone now and he wont remember a thing of what he tried to do" I said. "Anyways guys we should go to bed now we have detention at 12 pm tomrrow so goodnight" Melanie said.

*end of flashback*

Cristie and I cuddled together again then went back to sleep.


Hi readers, so here's chapter 3. I was going to update on the 11 but the chapter kept erasing but it's here now. Anyways I hope you enjoyed it thanks for reading. We love you- Tyra and Mel <3

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