Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


4. The Others & Romance or Heart Break

Claudia POV : i was sound asleep when harry nearly gave me a heart attack wake up ! i got up with my red hair in my face i groaned and went straight for the shower i grabbed everything i needed for the clothes harry had bought me i hopped in the shower with the hot water on. when i was done i grabbed a towel and dried my hair and changed . when i got out harry was waiting on the bed he turned to look at me but then frowned i ask him why was he sad he then he got up walked me in the restroom and showed me in the mirror my face it was purplish redish color i covered my cheek with my hand he was looking at the ground when i told him it was okay he said i never want to hurt you again then he cuffed my face gently so my cheek wouldnt hurt and smashed his lips onto mine sparks flew everywhere . Harry POV : i felt horrible and i couldnt take it anymore so i smashed my lips onto hers but it was different i actually felt butterflies in my stomach i actually was in love.i called the guys over and told Claudia to get ready we were waiting for them with are hands holding on to each other when niall walked in .Niall POV : I didnt really care for knocking so i just decided to walk in i grabbed Keanna by the hand and led her to harrys girlfriend .Keanna POV : niall grabbed my hand in his and led me i was guessing to meet harrys girlfriend i was pretty nervous for some reason Zayn POV : i saw niall take Keanna somewhere when me and laney were following where they were going Laney POV: i was wanting to meet this new girl i heard her name was Claudia so the girls were gonna try to see if shes friendly or not . Ash POV : me and louis walked inside and closed the door liam said he would be running late so we left without him we walked over to the group and thats when i saw harry holding Claudia's hand i smiled to myself knowing that they were gonna be happy . Harry POV : everyone was finally here i introduced the girls to her they actually became friends quickly we all were there getting to know each other when me claudia had to go on are date we said are goodbyes and left . (At the resturant_) Claudia and i were actually getting to know each other she likes soccer like me we had alot in things in common but then thats when i saw her my ex girlfriend for 2 years i told Claudia we had to leave but she insisted we stay Claudia POV : i noticed harry look around i asked what was wrong but he wouldnt tell me then a ladie came up to us she smiled at me then at harry she introduced her self and said she knew harry that they had went out once i got a little jealous for some odd reason but held it in. her name was Amarya she then left and i told harry that was a bit strange . i decided to go to the bathroom when she was in there . Amarya POV : The girl from the table walked in i knew this was my chance to get harry back .Claudia POV :she had asked me if i was with harry i nodded in agreement but a frown appeared on her face she said ,that cant be he told me you were a friend we have been seeing each other now for a very long time . my heart broke, shattered, i felt my stomach drop but why we only kissed but it felt like more then just a kiss i stormed out of the restroom and with my mascara running down my cheeks i said to harry that we were done i then stormed out of the resturant i toke a ran for it again but once again got caught by harry he said what did that girl say to you i stayed quite he then raised his voice a little louder what did she say , i told him what happened but he denied everything i still didnt believe him so with that we went home i went straight to my room and cryed my self to sleep .

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