Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


1. That's not happening

I am in need of five girls if you can help me out ill put in my story im pretty new to this but i have so ideas in mind . 

Claudia POV : I was walking back home from work when i heard a car door slam i turned quickly to see a couple drunk guys getting in there car with i guess there girlfriends . I was a little scared walking home alone for one i am a girl but i had always walked home from work without a worry but this time i felt watched . I began to speed walk home when i saw a man about 5,10 he walked up to me and asked why was i walking by myself i knew where this was heading so i ran for it . I was pulled back then the man stuck a needle into my arm thats when it all went black . Harry POV : I saw a very beauitiful woman walking all lone and i knew i had to have her she was different in some way that made me want her so bad. i asked her why was she walking alone by herself but before she could answer she tried to run so i panicked and stuck a needle into her arm. Claudia POV : I woke with pain in my arm there was a little burise forming when i noticed five boys standing in front of me like idiots smirking , i got all the coruage inside me and asked who are you the one who toke me last night answered im harry then pointed at the other guys in front of me and told me there names. Harry POV: I told her my name was harry then started introducing the guys this is liam louis zayn and niall I said . Claudia POV : I said i wanted to go home and the guy named harry  said thats not happening , that got me so mad i stood up and faced him and literally screamed i wanted to go home he smirked and said once again thats not gonna happen, then and there i knew this was not gonna be good.


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