Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


2. Meeting Ash escape plan goes wrong

Claudia POV: Harry told me he would be checking up on me from time to time which i hated i felt like prisoner here it was already two days and it felt like two years . i heard the door open and it was harry i crawled to the corner of the bed and put my knees to my chest . he told me it was okay but i had to meet someone i slowly nodded and got out of the bed when i saw a girl about 5,7 longish curly hair and quite skinny . we walked up to the girl, harry introduced me to the girl  . harry said to me this is Ash , Ash Claudia she gave me a kind smile and hugged me lightly like if she didnt want to brake me . Ash POV : Louie told me we were gonna go meet harrys new girlfriend so when we arrived i saw her with harry coming out of a room , i thought harry had already started to hit her when i saw the bruise on her arm so i hugged her gently not wanting to hurt her. Harry POV : I saw ash she looked a little pale and i knew louie was being an ass to her she probably didnt listen to him so i offered to make dinner . Louis POV: When i saw the girl walk throw the door i thought he had took my advice and started to make rules for i asked him if he had but said no i wondered why he was so soft on this girl he usually is like me and the guys we punish the girls if they dont listen to us. Claudia POV: i had recognize the guy his name was louis i wanted to make a run for it and the boys were in the kitchen so i told Ash if she wanted to escape she nodded and we tiptoed to the door and i turned the knob i closed the door as much as i could i didnt want to make noise so i left it a little open we ran but we tripped over all the rocks that were on the floor my knee began to bleed but Ash screamed a little when she fell i knew the boys had heard so i put her arm on my shoulder and tried to jump away when Ash got ripped out of my shoulder i turned to see louis and harry more pissed as ever i knew i couldnt leave Ash here but i made a run for it . i ran but seconds later felt to hands grip my waist HELP!! i screamed but my mouth got covered with a hand .Harry POV: Louis was telling me how i should put rules down with Claudia but i nodded my head in disagreement then we heard a scream from outside we ran out of the kitchen to see the front door open we went outside when louie grabbed Ash from Claudia i couldnt believe she would actually leave without my permission i snapped but she tried to take off but i grabbed her harshly but she screamed i put my mouth over her mouth and turned her to face me . Claudia POV : he turned me around and i saw harry mad as hell he then slapped me across the face i gasped at what he had did he lossened his grip and his eyes went his bright green eyes again i was still in shock he told me he was sorry but i was to scared to say anything . Harry POV : i cant believe i slapped her i would never slap a girl or ever hit one . i felt sorry and i tried to apoligze .

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