Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


6. Lies!Lies!Lies! Laney & Zayn

Laney POV : its been a week or two since we saw Harry and Claudia but, Zayn has been always getting drunk and brings friends over i normally lock my door at night . but i wonder why he hasnt been him self lately ? Zayn POV: i cant believe laney would do that , one of the lads told me "she was cheating on me". i got so mad and started drinking every night my friends would ask me why wont i kick her out but i love her to much to that so tonight i was gonna talk to her before i got drunk again Laney POV: I  was getting ready for bed when zayn walked in and asked if ' we could talk ' i didnt feel in mood to talk to him so i told him to leave . Instead he lock the door and started to say " Laney are you cheating on me "?! I was suprised when he told me that i then said " No! i have bearly left this room since you started to drink !" he then said " Dont raise your voice at me " and, then punched me right in jaw i feel to floor in pain but right before he could walk away i punched him with all my might in his balls and i ran for the door i unlocked it first before i could finally get out of my room when i opened the front door on my face , but i didnt waste time i ran to Keanna's house which was the closes to where i was . i knocked on the a buch of times when finally Keanna opened the door i tackled her to the floor i was so glad to see her she then asked " what happened " i told her everything that happened . she was shocked that zayn would do that. Keanna POV : me & Niall were getting ready for bed when someone was knocking i went to go open the door when i got talked by Laney she looked so happy to see me but so scared when she told me what had happened. Zayn POV : i had punched Laney in her face which i didnt even know i acually did that but when she punched me in the balls and ran that got me mad i was out all night looking for her but she never showed so i went home but only to have a HUGE hangover in the morning i got a phone call from Niall that she spend the night at there house so in my shorts i ran to my car when i got there all eyes were on me but, Keannna were the worst if looks could kill. i scoped Laney in bridal style out of the couch and put her in the car . and thanked niall for calling me the car ride was quite then i broke the silence and told i said " im sorry Laney i dont know what i was doing last night " her jaw looked pretty swollen and she just said "Lies!Lies!Lies!"


uh oh whats gonna happen between them well she have to live with zayn still or well she leave with someone else ????? 


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