Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


10. It's okay well get throw this together

Ash POV : i was making dinner for me and louie when i felt my stomach turn . i ran for the restroom louie ran after me while i puked in the toilet . he held back my hair and rubbed my back , i flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth . Louis POV : ash was making diner when she turned pale and ran for the restroom i ran behind her , she began to turn up in the toilet so held her hair back and rubbed her back when she finished throwing up she brushed her teeth . Ash POV : i was wondering what i ate to make my stomach feel so horrible so i looked at the calender when i noticed i missed my period and it all came at me my stomach, late period and then louis i walked to the living room where i thought he might be i walked as slow as i could . i was so nervous things kept going throw my head ' he might leave you ' , ' youll never have a good relationship ' . i finally was right in front of him with a tear almost about to fall . Louis POV : i saw ash walk up to me with her eyes watery i asked her what was wrong she toke a while to respond so i hugged her and said whats going on she pulled away from the hug .Ash POV : as i pulled away i said , ' louis i t-think im p-pregnant ' , my tear slid down my face when louis wiped it away and said its' okayy well get throw get throw this together i smiled and hugged him . Louis POV : she told me she thought she was pregnant then i remembered the night on are anniversary i forgot to put protection i felt horrible for making ash go throw this but she seemed pretty happy so i was , i was pretty happy to become a father . she hugged me and said 'are you okay with this baby .' i said ' of course my love' and kissed her forehead . she smiled and said ' but to make sure we need some test ' i nodded and told her ' i would go to the store '. Ash POV : louis left to get the test and i was still nervous he came back 20 minutes later with three different kinds of test . so i went to the restroom and tried all of them a few minutes later i called louis in so we could see the results together . i held his hand while we both looked at all three which all said '+ POSITIVE ' i was in awe but then snapped back in realilty louis hugged me and said once again ' it's okay well get throw this together.


So look who's pregers ahhh Ash lol <3 thanks to everyone who has liked and commented on my book ill update soon.  

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