Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


8. But this time he was next to me Keanna & Niall

Keanna POV : Me and niall have been good for the past weeks that has been going on we hardly fight , but if we do , its mostly over stupid stuff. i just couldnt stop thinking of Laney i felt so bad she had to leave with that jerk . niall saw me in deep thought and asked me " are you okay?" i felt like speaking to none so i just ignored him . Niall POV : i felt a little bad when i called zayn but i knew i couldnt keep her here the whole time he would find out and get so pissed . like i love laney like a sister but , i couldnt do that to one of the ladsi saw Keanna in deep thought so i asked her " are you okay ?'' she didnt reply so i got the messaged and left to the living room. Keanna POV : just the thought of zayn doing what he did to her got me so pissed i marched to the living room where niall was and told him " WE CANT LEAVE LANEY THERE !" I shouted his facial expression was in 'awe' i stomped my way to the car keys so i could get her before niall grabbed me and told me " WE CANT GO GET HER THATS THERE PROBLEM I LOVE LANEY LIKE A SISTER BUT SHE ZAYN RESPONSIBLY NOT ARE'S !'' . my eyes got watery but i held in the tears and ran to our room and locked the door. he knocked for what seemed hours then the knocking eventually stopped i cryed my self to sleep that night . ( Nightmare )' Laney laid in the coffin and everyone around just kept saying you should have helped her when you had the chance Keanna they got louder and louder. i woke up screaming i heard heavy foot steps in the hallway and then 'BANG' Niall knocked the door down and hugged me tight and asked me 'what happened' i told him my nightmare and i cryed my self to sleep again but this time with niall hugging me .Niall POV : I was falling to sleep why i heard a loud scream i was so worried about Keanna i ran and knocked the door down with all my force i saw her crying and i had asked her what was wrong she told me all of her nightmare. i felt so bad but the only thing i could do was to comfort her . she fell asleep and so did i but this time with her next to me .




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