Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


9. But i love you more DJ & Liam

DJ POV : I had got back from harry's house when i noticed something wasn't right . i walked in the room when there was rose paddles on the floor and on the bed i smiled and when i turned around liam was with flowers in his hand , i screamed a little when i saw him but i gave him a hug then kissed him . it was or anniversary , i pulled from the kiss and told him , ' i love you ' he just smiled and said ' i love you to babe ' . he had made dinner and some wine . when he said ' would you like to go to the room ' he smirked when i said yes . as soon as we stepped in the room he carried me to the bed . Liam POV : i heard DJ walk in so i decided to hide she was to busy looking in room she didnt even see me walk up behind her . she turned and screamed a little i smiled when she kissed me i told her i had made dinner for her so we ate and talked for a while when i asked her ' would you like to go to the room ' and she said yes . i smirked and led her to the room when she got in i carried her to the bed we laid there for a while chit chatting about things when she began to kiss me . DJ POV : liam carried me to the bed and we laid down for a while talking about things when i kissed him he started to kiss me back when the kiss got heated so i pulled back to take a break and he smiled . i kissed him again when he started to take his shirt of he toke off mine and threw across the room i toke of his jeans and he toke mine off we were left with are underguardments when i said 'i love you liam'. he smiled and said ' but i love you more. and thats when he made my night .


Sorry for the short chapter ill keep trying to update.


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