Sing it to me

Im selecting the cast with you guys so comment below your height , hair color , name , age (you could make up your own age) and last but not least your guy liam zayn harry niall louis comment away


5. Break Up To Make Up

Claudia POV : i woke up to a crash i looked at the clock and it said 2:17 i groaned and got up to check i saw harry on the couch drinking beer i knew he was drunk . i had asked him if he was okay and he looked up and said claudia i love you thats why im so drunk . Harry POV : i was so drunk i missed her even if we were in the same house she came to the living room and asked me if i was okay i told her i love her but it wasnt just because i was drunk i actually had feelings for this girl. Claudia POV : i thought he was just drunk so i told him to drink some water he refused and pinned me to the wall and told me she was lieing i guess the girl from the resturant he wreaked of beer so i tried to shove him away but he smashed his lips onto mine i dont know why but i kissed back i was mad at him but not anymore he carried me to the room where he laid me down he toke off his shirt but we were interrupted by harrys friend Harry POV : i kissed her and expected and push but she kissed back i toke her to the room i was taking my shirt off when liam had to walk in. Liam POV : me DJ wanted to stop by to meet Claudia but instead found them in the moment . DJ POV : i saw a girl with red hair and blueish eyes she smiled at me and i smiled back i felt embarssed at that moment so me and liam walked out the door. Harry POV : they walked out the door and i helped Claudia get off the bed and we walked in the kitchen and talk to them for a while i intruded the girls to each other. Claudia POV : i started to talk to DJ she was really nice and funny we talked for about an hour it was already 3 in the morning and everyone was tried so we said are goodnights and went to bed harry went to brush his teeth and so did i we went to bed and snuggled for a while then harry asked me if we could make up and i said yes . Harry POV : we snuggled which i loved but i asked her if we could make up she paused then turned to me and said yes i kissed her goodnight and we feel asleep.

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