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This will take a bit to get characters for. I need one for Liam, one for Niall and one for Harry. Niall and Harrys girls will be there but not the biggest part of the story. It will be mostly Liam and his girl.
If you want to be Liam or Niall's girl comment below with your name, a description, and your hobby/ career path. The first to ask and give all three requirement gets to be a part of the story. When they are gone you must wait for the next open option.
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4. Chapter Two

**Ally's POV**

I woke up the next morning with a voice mail, two missed calls and no less than 20 texts, all of which from Harry. Rolling over I look at the girls. All out wow. Weirdos. O's... Cheerios... food... God I am hungry. I am craving some cheddar gold fish and honey. Nether of witch we have in cupboards or cabinets. Dang. Perry is closest to me. "Perry." I whisper. "Perry. Wake up. I need food."

"There is food in the kitchen." She rolls over, turning her back to me. Oh no she didn't.

"Cameron, I need food." I am at Cameron's' side now.

"Plenty in the kitchen." She groans.

"But what I am looking for is in the kitchen." I whine.

"Not now." She rolls over also. God these are some lazy chicks.

"Jazz, can you drive me to the store?" Now at Jazmin's side I whisper into her ear. With out a sound she turned over with her back to me. Well the one more and it is air horn time

"El. Can we go get some food?" I ask her.

"Lou hun its to early climb back in bed." She mumbles and I know it is air horn time.

Walking to the kitchen I grabbed it from the top of the fridge and put my thumb on the button, and blew the crap out of it until each girl was up.

"Sorry. A girl can only ask nicely to get me some food so many times." I shrug and put the air horn away.

"Give me that." Cameron said grabbing the air horn. Walking over to the open window and chucked it. Walking back to the couch she sprawled out. "'Night." She muttered.

"K. Bye. We are going to the store to get food." I say grabbing the keys. In a matter of moments she was at my side.

"I'm in." Giggling we all stepped out and headed off the the super market on the end of the block.

In the store I got what I wanted, the girls got what they wanted. Me, three honey bottles and three gold fish tubs. Mystery baby is hungry ok?

"Wow food much?" Perry giggles. I nod and grin at her.

"I will tell you when we get back to my place." I whisper back. They don't know about mystery baby, but I will tell them tonight, before my tummy starts to grow.

After the check out and getting home again we started eating our goods.

"So what was the big news?" Perry leans in, elbows on knees and smiles at me.

"Well, since Harry isn't going to be here....." I look away slowly as El stands up.

"Ewwwww." She squeals. "No. We are not doing that!" She shouts.

"What are you talking about?" I ask looking around the room, nobody else has the same problem as El did.

"We are not 'pleasing' each other while the guys are gone." I start laughing hysterically and every one looks at me.

"That is NOT. What I was saying." I breath in sharply and I try my best to become serious. "What I was going to say before El interrupted with a Tommo comment, Since Harry is gone I was wondering if you could escort mystery baby and my self to my four month ultrasound?"

"Oh my god really?" Cameron runs to me and grabs my hands. "Congratulations this is great."

"I can't believe you have waited this long to tell us!" Perry pretends to be mad, but not so epically fails because she wants to congratulate me, well us... sort of..

Rolling her eyes at Perry, El speaks. "Do we know the gender?"

"Harry and I decided we wanted it to be a mystery." I smile and cup my bump with my arm. I don't know why it just seems natural to do.

"Ohhhhh. She is pregnant I get all this now." Jazz pipes in from the couch. "Congrats." She continues munching on her chips she got and watching some video. After laughing the four of us sat down. Looking at the TV we see that it is all about her and Niall. When it comes to a photo where Niall is kissing her I look over and see her crying and touching her mouth. When she lowers her hand I look back at the screen seeing that the next picture is on.

*****Harry's POV.*********

After finding some one that looks a lot like Niall and weirder yet, eats like Niall, but worst of all: wasn't Niall. I just shook my head and walked away. What ever that was just scary.

Back on the plane I went straight to Niall's cabin and saw him there watching a video that was almost like a photos of Niall and Jasmine. It was cute really. When a picture of them kissing came on I swear I saw a tear run down his cheek, but I am not sure. When the video is over at the rend of the song Niall closes his laptop and wipes his eyes.. Yep he cried.

"Mate, when you are ready, group meeting in my cabin." He looks up and nods, standing up to follow me. "I said when you are ready." I walk off to find the other boys to tell them the news.


Hey all, this chapter kinda sucked. I was so tired when I was writing half of this... Like the air horn part? Yeah just don't ask....

The usual, comment any thing as long as it is kind, If it is not: I can and will delete it.

Thanks all bye. Sorry that this is all short, I just don't feel that well at the moment but it is just a tummy ache it will pass by tomorrow.

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