I'll be home for Christmas

This will take a bit to get characters for. I need one for Liam, one for Niall and one for Harry. Niall and Harrys girls will be there but not the biggest part of the story. It will be mostly Liam and his girl.
If you want to be Liam or Niall's girl comment below with your name, a description, and your hobby/ career path. The first to ask and give all three requirement gets to be a part of the story. When they are gone you must wait for the next open option.
Thanks to all.


5. Chapter Three

**Ally's POV**

I must say the video was really cool, but Jazz watches it at least once a day and it has almost been a month. It is sicking how I know exactly what photo is up next. The song it goes with is Hey there Delilah and each time it gets to the chorus it shows a picture of the two kissing. As the last "what you do to me" Drifted through the air I looked at Jazz and she was crying just as much as she did the first time we watched it. Gathering our things we called the boys.


The boys took the news about mystery baby really well, they knew that it was coming, we all did. I mean Ally and I have been together for around four years now. If it was a surprise to anyone that person is crazy. The fans? Well they don't know yet and they won't know until the baby is out.

Now almost a month later I found out that the baby is doing very well inside Ally's tummy, of coarse the baby is doing well, Ally is the perfect mother, she knows exactly what to do, when anything happens. This baby is going to be the most loved, most spoiled, best looking child in the world. If its a girl I am sure the girls will give her lots of pink and purple outfits. If it is a boy me and the boys will spoil him rotten with lots of sports things. I can't wait to come home on Christmas to see my child. I really don't know if I can wait that long... Not with only five months until the child is born and 11 months left on tour.


Calling the boys was great fun although Harry wasn't there. Liam told me he was day dreaming in his hotel room and he was so peaceful doing so that they left him alone. Mystery baby started moving a little while we talked to the boys. When ever the child moved I could feel it and I had to leave the room.. The thing kept hitting my spine making it hurt a bit. At one point I just went downstairs and started a movie, this way the next time the kid hit my spine I will be half way comfortable. At this point I am ready for this kid to come out or settle.


When I was done day dreaming the boys where in my room on Liam's laptop laughing like teenage girls... It was honestly scary how much they resembled Gemma and her friends when I was back home as a youngster. Walking over I saw them watching a video, an old video. It was us. Our video diaries from years ago. We have all grown up so much.. or at least that is what I thought until they where giggling. Watching the video from my spot on the floor I watched as Louis poured salt in his hat, to when he did the card trick. About the time that we started chanting "The video diaries are back" I got a phone call that I wasn't expecting until June.


As moving continued I changed  how I was sitting. About 6 times. In an hour and a half. Half way through "Legally Blonde" I really had to pee, witch was weird, I hadn't drank anything for a while. Any how I made my way to the bathroom. Once I passed the room where the girls where. That is when it happened. But five months to early.


Oh no! Two reasons for that statement, !. I haven't written in forever, 2. What happened? I am sure you all know, or think you do.. so tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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