I'll be home for Christmas

This will take a bit to get characters for. I need one for Liam, one for Niall and one for Harry. Niall and Harrys girls will be there but not the biggest part of the story. It will be mostly Liam and his girl.
If you want to be Liam or Niall's girl comment below with your name, a description, and your hobby/ career path. The first to ask and give all three requirement gets to be a part of the story. When they are gone you must wait for the next open option.
Thanks to all.


3. Chapter One

***** Alyna's POV*****

New Years Eve, a night full of celebrations, alcohol, and big time party's. That is how it is for most right? Not me and five of my friends. Today was the day that my self, and my friends Cameron, Jasmine, Perry and Eleanor where saying good-bye to Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis. They where on the way to their last tour. The reason there will be no more tours? Simple, all five of us are married and me? I am three months pregnant. The other girls? They are not quite ready to have children yet. I wasn't either until mystery baby accidentally came along.. I am still not sure if I am ready or not but I am not going to have and abortion or put it up for adoption. That will not ever come into the path any child I will produce. I know I am sure you are wondering wether the child is a boy or a girl, I am to. Hazza and I decided to make it a surprise for now.

"Ally, are you ok?" Hazza asked me, kicking me out of my day dream.

"Hmm? Oh yeah I am fine." I give him a kiss and smile.

"Well I am going to miss you!" He says giving me a tight squeeze.

"Hazz please be mindful of the belly." I whisper into his curly mop. Almost instantly I feel his arms loosen around my waist. As soon as he has loosened his grip mystery baby moves in my stomach making me feel as if I ate something and it didn't settle well.

"As for you mystery." He gets on his knees and talks to my swelled belly. "You be good for Mommy while Daddy is gone, and since Daddy will be gone it is your job to take care of Mommy for me." He smiles kissing my belly and standing up.

"Don't forget to call me every night and Skype once a week, and text as much as you can." I wrap my arms around his neck. "My life is going to change so much, we just got home from our honey moon and now I have to say good-bye to you for 358 days." I wine into his neck.

"I know babe I know. I have to go now ok, my gate just got called. Talk to you after the plane trip ok?" I slowly nod wiping away tears that have started to slip out of my eyes and down my cheeks. "Shh, shh don't cry, Ok? I will be home for Christmas." I nod pushing him towards his band mates that where leaving to the gates.

Waving at Hazz I blow him a kiss as he disappears into the loading tunnel. He "catches it" and puts it in his pocket. Not a second later he is gone. The five of us girls huddle in a hug consisting of tears, gasps for breath and coos from Perry and El who has been doing this for much longer then Cameron, Jasmine and me combined.

Not much later when Perry and El informs that the plane is driving to the run way all five of us run to the window to watch the take off. With faces pressed to the window we watch until the plane is out of view.


*****Harry's POV******

I couldn't stand leaving her. Not when Mystery baby was in our lives. But I had to. I love our fans, I love the career, but I have a family now. This is why I told the boys that after this year I can't travel the world and do what I have for the past ten years. When I turned back in the gate and turn around at Ally who is crying again and blowing me a kiss. Catching the kiss and saving it for later when I will need it the most I load on to the plane and walk to my first class seat by the window where I quickly fasten my seat belt press my face to the window by my bed-seat thing, when I soon see her at the window with the other girls pressing their faces on the window as well. I smile and watch as they slowly grow smaller until the engines turned on. Still looking out the window I couldn't see her anymore but I can tell that she is still at the window peering out and will be until this plane is out of her sight.

**Ally's POV**

Once his plane was nothing but a small grey speck I could no longer see I backed away from the window as did the other girls. Heading back to the limo the only sounds where the breaths we took and the steps of our feet, all until Eleanor spoke. "Who's up for food?" We all giggled and said yes.

After eating I envied the girls over for the night. They all agreed and we went to each flat so the girl can grab some things for the night and the next morning. Once each of them got their bags we headed to my home for a girls night in and celebrate the new year.

**Harrys POV**

At some point while looking out the window I fell asleep. When I woke up Liam was shaking me awake. "Mate, we had to land to get gas. They are letting us of to stretch and get food in the air port. We have a half an hour." He says and leaves my little pod. I stretch and go to Niall's pod. Already gone I go on a search for the blond road runner. But before I look for him I call Ally.

**Ally's POV**

After popping some popcorn, watch the note book, gossip about other popular people, and playing truth or dare we all crash in the living room couches before the clock strikes midnight.

**Harry's POV**

When her voice mail comes on I smile listening to the voicemail we recorded. "Hi this is Alyna's Phone. I couldn't come to the phone leave a message and I will get back to you."

"Hello Mrs. Styles, it is Mr. Styles. You must be asleep but I was just calling to let you know that I am momentarily on ground. The plane needed gas. Well I will talk to you later my love. Love you babe. Bye." I hang up and head off to find Niall.

Once I find him I sit down with a plater of food to talk. Get advice. And tell him something that only Ally, Mystery baby, and I know.


That is the start of the story. Technically it started last night but I was busy.

How do you all like it. As you can see I have brought it down to two different POVs because the other two girls where just girls I made up and I didn't want to make up their personalities.. Heh heh.

So Ally. What do you think? Do you like the way it is going so far? Did I do your character correctly? If you have any comments concerns or questions let me know hun.

Now for all the other readers comment with concerns, suggestions, or questions for any character or even for myself.

Don't forget to check out my movella that tells you what characters I need if you are interested in being in a movella. I would prefer that you stick with the newer ones then work to your old ones. Also a note if that if the personality of what I have written out is not yours let me know and I will shape the personality to you.

Thanks all. Love you all my lovely readers.

Happy reading.

Callie xox

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