I'll be home for Christmas

This will take a bit to get characters for. I need one for Liam, one for Niall and one for Harry. Niall and Harrys girls will be there but not the biggest part of the story. It will be mostly Liam and his girl.
If you want to be Liam or Niall's girl comment below with your name, a description, and your hobby/ career path. The first to ask and give all three requirement gets to be a part of the story. When they are gone you must wait for the next open option.
Thanks to all.


2. A/N

Hello all my lovely readers. As you may have seen on my other two imagines that I update regularly on I will not be updating them for a week and a half as for this one it will start on the first of the  year. The reason for this is because I will be writing it by the time of year. In other words it will be the same time of the year in the story as it is in the world, if that makes any sense.. If not you will understand as the story goes on.

Well any woo I will write to you on the dates promised and I hope you had a Merry Christmas, if you don't celebrate that, well Marry what ever you celebrate, and a Happy New Year to you all.

Love to all my readers and I will be back soon.

Thanks for understanding.

Happy reading.

Callie xox

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