Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


15. The day after.

Louis's p.o.v


I'm laying on the ground in pain. My arm is throbbing, it is clearly broken. I yell for Jessie , but she is a heavy sleeper so there's no chance of me getting her up by yelling. I stand up slowly ,Wincing in pain. I walk as fast as i could to the bedroom where Jessie is and try to shake her to get up. I cry at the pain, as she jumps up. 

"Oh my gosh! What happened to you!"

"Harry. he came here to talk to you and i tried to talk to him and threatened to break my arm and before you know its he snaps it and punches me." i say as i realize my black eye. 

"Im going to kill him!" she gets up and brings me to the hospital. They bring me in for x-rays. and about 2 hours later I'm out side in a cast , while Jessie helps me in the car.

Jessica's p.o.v


I layed in bed with louis and he feel right to sleep. I don't blame him , he did have a long day.

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I went in to the kitchen and saw Louis flipping a pan of pancakes.

" Louis ! You need to go rest ! I will do this!"

"Jessie , I can do this" he said as he walked to the table put the pancakes on two plates next to bacon and I sit down as he places a candle in the middle and lits it. I blush as he sits down and smiles at me. I felt heat rush to my face.

" why did you do all this ?" I asked

" be cause I wanted to ."

10 mins went by and we had small talk enjoying each other's company .

" this is so good!" I said leaning back in my chair and rubbing my tummy , so did he.

" what do you want to do now?" I asked

" um how about we go lay down in bed?" He said , I nodded concerning that he had a broken arm and couldn't do much.

Buzz Buzz

I reached for my phone and read the caller ID. Liam. I looked up at Louis but he wasn't pay attention, he was washing the dishes. The text said : " hey Jessie , Harry told me what happened and I just wanted to say that I wasn't behind any of this! I told him to back off . I didn't know he was going to do that to Louis . I'm really sorry and really want to see you ! xx"

I can't believe he had the nerve to do that ! I was so flustered I completely blew off Louis's questions . And stormed to my room and started to put clean clothes on and threw my hair up in a bun and told Louis I will be back and left . I drove right to Liam's house and used the key he gave me when we were best friends and stormed in a started yelling at him!

" how could you do that! You act all innocent like you didn't do anything ! Well you did ever since I met Louis you been really controlling and ruined everything over a fight 5 or more years ago!!!!" At this point all the boys were watching me tell at Liam, when Harry stepped in.

" Jess this was not Liam's fault at all I got them all involved when I found out about Louis and my ex! If you should be blaming anyone it should be me!" Tears came out of my eyes . I don't like fighting .

" you had no right to do what you did to Louis , you should have never came in to my house , threatened my guest , or harmed him ! You broke his arm for crying out loud!!!!"

" I know what I did and I take full response ability for it!"

" yeah you will!" And with that I slapped Harry as hard as I ever could possible. Causing him to yelp in pain and grabbed the side of his face, I ran out the house and slammed the door as hard as I could to show angry. I got in the car and My blood was boiling and I couldn't move.

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