Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


1. Nice to meet you Louis !

I walk in to a small sports pub and sit at the bar, I'm are waiting for Liam because We are going to celebrate my birthday. I jump at the vibration of my phone and notice in the caller ID that it's from Liam. he said: "hey Love , I'm stuck in traffic I'm going to be late :( " I sigh and write back : "ok see you soon :/" i wave over the bartender and ask him for a bud light , he nods and grabs one out of the cooler and hits the cap on the corner edge and breaks the cap off , handing it to you , "thanks!" I say to the bartender. A man sits next to you looking to be in his 20s same as i take a sip of my beer and place it on the bar not realizing how loud of a bang i made and I'm looking around to see if anybody noticed , but the man next to me looks over at me with his deep blue eyes and you feel your heart race as he says in a light yet deep British accent " easy there love , don't want to brake the glass. " you feel butterfly's in your stomach due to his voice and let out a small giggle and a smirk as he smiles at you " didn't realize how hard I banged it ." We both laugh "So may I ask for your name?" he asked " Oh yeah , m-my name is Jessica but you can call me Jessie." " ok Jessie , my name is Louis . Nice to meet you , " he reaches out his hand , I shake his hand , " hi Louis ."

" you here for the football game ?"

" there's a football game on ?"

"I mean soccer , sorry I just moved here from England"

"Oh , no I meeting a friend he should be here soon."

"Your boyfriend?"

"No. Just a good friend "

" I see ."

"are you here to watch soccer?"you ask

"Yes , yes I am , hold on a second , Hey! Can I get a beer?"

" yes , what kind "

" uhh a strong one"

The bartender gives him a thumbs up and goes in to the back bringing out a 6 pack of beer and put it in freezer taking one out and cracking the cap on the corner and handing Louis it .

" you sure about that ?" I ask

" it's nothing compared to back home . Want some ?"

"No I'm good ."

"You scared you can't handle it?"

"Umm no " i say as i grab it out of his hand taking a sip causing me to pucker my lips and squint my eyes at the strong bitter taste

" you okay?"

" yeah , wasn't expecting that " me and him both start laughing .

" hey Jess !" A familiar voice says behind you

" oh hay Liam !"

"Happy birthday! "


" you know Liam? " Louis said

" yeah he's who I was waiting for .... You two know each other ? " I question

" yes in fact we do .,"

Liam interrupts

" hey Jessie I'm going to get going love , here's my number call me when you want to have a beer " Louis says as he places a 5 Dollar bill on the table

" bye Louis ! Nice meeting you."

"Same to you love !"

Liam sits next to you and takes the paper . " hey give that back!"

" I don't want you to talk to him."

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