Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


10. Next to you

Louis's p.o.v

I could'nt get my self to call her . I have been think all night about what to due . I don't want to ruin any more friend ships , like I did mine . I need to stop running away from my problems . But I feel much safer in England. I only came back for friends and because I just loved the places here. But me making stupid decisions ruins everything. I don't want to leave Jessie . She makes me happy. I'm just going to her house and tell her I'm leaving. And that will be it. I can't call her that's just rude . Face to face is what I'm going to do.

I pull up too her house bracing my self for impact. And right when I'm about get out of the car , another car pulls up with a familiar face . In till I realize who it is . Liam .

I was about to get out , but I just couldn't lose eye contact with him . So I made a run for it , well I didn't run but quickly walked knocking on the door trying to get this over with . When the door opened Liam drove away . Like he gave up , but I was glad because it just saved me from complete awkwardness .

"Louis!" Jessie yells pulling me inside , it seems that it always happened

"Jessie I need to tell you something ." I say calmly

" please don't leave me again ." She said with tears forming ... How did she know I was leaving

" Jessie ... I need to go I ruin everything and I can't take it !"

" stop running away from your problems , I really like you and I want to get to know you with out all this drama!"

" Jessie , I like you too , a lot but I don't want to be the reason you lost a friend."

She crashes her lips into mine. And she pulls her lips away to talk.

"If they can't get over the fact that you aren't leaving that's there problem not ours. " she said making me feel a lot better. She went in for another kiss when I stopped her .

" I want to get to know you a little better before we go to far." I say as I peck her nose and we go to the couch and for what it feels like years , we just talk about everything intill we fell asleep.

Jessica's p.o.v

I wake up in my bed with Louis's arm around me. I turn my body slowly so don't wake him and put my arm around him with my head on his chest. I could stay like this forever.

" good morning love ." Louis says quietly

" good morning in deed" I say smiling and a little giggle.

"You didn't look comfortable last night so I brought you in here , and I was to tired to drive home so I stayed here with you , I hope you don't mind."

" no I don't ... I'm glad "

" why?"

" because i would be cold without you." I say as he pulls me closer. And kisses my fore head

" how much do you like me?"

"A lot, why do you ask ?"

" just wondering"

3 weeks later

Me and Louis have become very close , we don't really kiss much , but that's ok because we are just friends , even though i want to be more and I think he does to . I haven't talk to Liam since the fight . Or any of the boys for that matter , just me and Louis . Which I like. Louis has been living here for the past few weeks , going to get clothes from his house and everything , he pays rent and all, even though most of the time I give it back to him but he insist . He's in the shower right now.

"Hey love!" Louis says as I turn around to see him in a towel. I couldn't help but look at his perfectly toned abs and v line.

" like what you see?" Oh shot I was caught

" o-oh u-um , sorry ." I say blushing

" it's ok " he says walking closer to me and I get butterflies in my stomach. We are face to face and when I thing we are about to kiss he reaches be hind me and grabs a shirt.

" just needed to get my shirt " he says as he smirks

And I roll my eyes playfully.

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