Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


19. Me or Him?

Jessica's p.o.v

"Jessie.. You need to chose . Me or him?"

I can't believe he just asked me that!!! He wants me to chose between the two most important men in my life?

" Louis you can't be serious!" He looked at me.

" I am ." And with that he stood up and left the house. I was speechless . I didn't know what to do with my self . I started burst out cry and call Liam and told him to come over.

10 minutes later

Liam walks into the house and looks at me in concerned.

" what's wrong ? What happen? Where's Louis?" He asked

" it's all your fault!" I yell at him

" what's all my fault? I don't even know what's going on !"

" don't act stupid you know what you did! You just had to tell you loved me now! Of all the times! "

" Jessie I'm sorry ! It just came out !"

" so did you mean it?"

" y-yes Jessica ! I meant it all!! Your amazing I love you so much I just want things to go back how it was before Louis came!" When he mentioned Louis it reminded me of him making me chose. I didn't know what I was doing!

" I think it should."

" what does that mean?"

" Louis told me to chose between you and him and I made my decision ." He looked at me confused and then upset and with that I crashed my lips into his and he kissed back. I pull away to speck.

" I choose Liam !" He smiled and I hugged him and kissed him. We made it to my bed and had a full make out session with tongue and everything. I pull on his shirt telling him to take it off . I throws it over his shoulder onto the ground.

Liam's p.o.v

We continue making out .

" are you sure?" I ask

" y-yesss" she said as I pull the covers over us. Finally ! Gosh I love this girl so much

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