Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


20. I'm leaving!

Jessica's p.o.v

Wow that was a experience ! Gosh I'm so sore down in that area. I turn to Liam and he turns to me. He pulls the covers over us and pulls me close.

" I love you Jessica."

" I love you to Liam." Wow did really just say that ? He hugged me closer.

" I'm in pain ." I say truthfully

" it's because it's your first time , it will get easier ."he told me and we fell asleep.

I wake up in Liam's arms and look at the clock . It was 12:00 in the afternoon , I kiss him on the lips and he wakes up

" good morning beautiful ." He said as he looked over to the clock .

" good morn-"

" oh no ! I have to go!!!" He cut me off and jumped up grabbing his boxers putting them on and then he gets up and puts the rest on.

" where are you going ??"

" I need to meet the boys ."

" oh okay ." He leans over and kisses me

" love you ." He said

" I love you too ." I said he pecked my nose and left

I got up and took a shower, I get out and see Louis shirt on the floor and start crying. I get dressed and due my hair . I grab a bag and go around the house and picking up all Louis's stuff , I zip up the bag and place near the door, I go into the kitchen taking out stuff to make a sandwich , i sit on the couch and text Louis to come over. I feel so bad that I have to tell him I'm breaking up on him. But it was all his fault. He made me choose but for some reason he thought I was going to choose him.

I finished my sandwich and went in to the kitchen to wash the dish when I hear a knock at my door.

Louis's p.o.v

I walk up to the door and knock . I'm really scared to her what she's going to say . I have been crying all night , I hope she doesn't notice. I hear the lock move as I step back with my hands behind my back. She looks at me with sadness in her eyes. Her hands motion for me to walk in. I do so .

" Louis , " she said grabbing my hands, this can't be good.

" yeah ?"

" you told me to choose and I did...." She hesitated to continue .

" I picked Liam ." Tears came to my eyes and my mouth opened

"Jessie . Please . Why ??"

" Lou , I like you a lot it's just that me and Liam have a stronger connection . Please don't be mad , we can be good friends!" She said with a smile trying to brighten my mood but I was broken.

" I'm not going to be able to be your friend it will hurt to much but , can I at least have a kiss before I leave though ? Please I need something before I leave for good." She nodded and lean in . I gave her the most passionate kiss I could and backed away and looked at her.

" what ?" She asked

" your kissing differently."

"W-what do you mean?"

" your kissing like you had just had sex. I know that kiss . When my ex from England cheated on me she had that kiss. "

" a-ahh don't know what your talking about ." Does she think I'm stupid?

" Jessie don't lie to me might as well tell me since I'm not going to see you again."

"Fine me and Liam had sex. Last night . And what do you mean you leaving for good?"

" YOU AND LIAM WHAT??? You do realize that we are still dating right . We haven't ended it yet ! You know what it's over ! And I'm leaving for England in the morning . And I'm not coming back this time!" And with that I grabbed the bag she told me about and left. I started to cry but then I wiped away the tears and got angry. So I went to my house and put all my stuff in the car and went to the airport early and just planned on staying there till the plane comes.

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