Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


24. I don't know.

Jessica's p.o.v

Did he really just say that? I like him to but. I don't know. I like Liam. I like Louis. I like Zayn. Im so confused!

"what do you mean you like me?"

" i mean i like you a lot. Jessie , if you do like me back i understand , you have been through a lot and everything. I wouldn't blame you if you were confused." He said with worry and a reassuring smile.

"I like you a lot too Zayn and your right i am going through a lot right now. I just don't really now what to do right now." when i said that and he nodded and then the waitress came back and asked us what we wanted and we told her. When she left it was kinda awkward.

" i understand ." Zayn said and after that we just changed the subject. The food came out and we finished eating and started shopping. I got some pants and some long sleve shirts since winter is coming. Zayn was being really nice about everything and he almost bought me a whole store! He would come over and hand me shirts and pants to try on. When we were all done we had a lots of bags from different stores. We started to walk out of the mall to he parking lot.

" Do you remember where we parked?" He asked

" Not at all." i looked at him with a unsure face and started laughing and soon he joined. We were looking for a good 20 minutes and it started to get dark outside. My arms started to hurt from the bags so i walked over to a bench and sat down placing the bags next to me and sighed in relief. Zayn sat next to me and did the same thing.

" its almost 7:30." i said to him 

" i know. we might have to get a hotel. i don't like driving at night and i don't want you to either. it dangerous." 

" okay but we have to find the car first." he got up and started to walk around and oulled out his keys and clicked the alarm button casing a loud noise. He look back at me.

"When didn't i do that earlier!!!" he yelled and then grabbed the bags and started walking to the car. I followed him and we got into the car. We arrived at a hotel and got our key. When we got into the room i dropped the bags and laid on the bed. I looked around at the small room with one queen bed a little TV and a desk and chair. 

"Its not much but i think we can manage till morning." he said laying next to me.


Zayn's p.o.v

I wish i could get a bigger room but i spent all my money on her and this room itself cost a lot. I only have $50 left, for food and gas to get home. 

" Im going to go to bed , Im tired ." Jessica said

" Do you want my shirt to sleep in?"

"Sure." i took off my shirt and placed it on the bed next to her and then my pants i threw in the corner. I got under the covers and turn towards Jessica. She was trying to unzip her dress from the back so i bent over to her and helped her.

"thank you."

"No problem."

Jessica's p.o.v

I wasn't nervous about getting undressed in front of Zayn. It wasn't like i was facing him. I slipped out of the dress and and started to take of my bra, when it started to get a little weird. i grabbed his shirt before taking the bra fully off. i pulled the shirt on then took the bra off fully. i laid in the bed next to Zayn and he pulled me close spooning me. 

"Goodnight love." Zayn whispered in my ear



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