This story is to enter the Movella Christmas Advent Calander competition
This probably won't win due to some of the topics, but I feel that this is a realistic topic.
But I hope you enjoy this story of hope and Christmas miracles :)


4. The miracle

~~Christmas eve, and I'm all alone.
Maybe I was better off. Sam deserves better than me.
I shouldn't have said that. Not the monsters.
"You're an idiot!" I hissed to myself. "You ruined the best damn thing that ever happened to you."
I looked at the bauble. The clear bauble, supposed to show that life consisted of whatever Sam and I wanted it to consist of.
I screamed in anger. I grabbed the bauble, threw it on the ground and stomped on it until it broke.

I lay on the floor and stared on the ceiling, resting my hands on my stomach.
I looked out the window.
It was snowing, dark and windy.
"Oh Sam" I whimpered. "Where are you?"
I looked at the clock and tears gathered in my eyes.
Nearly that time again.
I heavily sighed and closed my eyes.
"What have I done?"
"You cared for your boyfriend."
I jumped up.
"Hello Robyn!"
A jolly old man greeted me. He was rummaging through a sack, taking out wrapped presents and placed them under the Christmas tree.
"Please tell me I'm dreaming" I groaned.
"Why?" he asked, his voice warm and inquisitive.
"Cause Santa isn't real. And if I'm seeing you, that means today hasn't happened."
"Oh I'm real alright" he chuckled.
"Ugh, kill me now" I whinged, and lay back down on the ground.
He said nothing, but I heard him pulling out gifts.
"Even if you are real, what are you giving me stuff for? Santa is for little kids."
"No. Why are you assuming?"
"Cause adults don't get presents."
"And that's because many don't believe."
"I don't."
"I know... But I've decided to help adults and children alike."
"Why bother? I'm hopeless."
"No. Remember when you were seven years old? You wanted nothing more than that doll that you had seen only once before. Do you remember that doll, Robyn?"
I sadly smiled.
"I do."
"Tell me about her."
"She was a cat." I chuckled. "She was so different. A cat, with long red hair, and a pink skater dress and boots. She had a handbag and a suitcase and a pet cat of her own."
"Do you remember what happened when you told your mother that you wanted that doll?"
I sighed.
"She told me no way. She had never seen such a thing, I was making it up. Quote, there is no hope in hell that you are getting some made up crap."
"But on Christmas morning?"
I sat up and rested my weight on my hands.
"She was there. And I was so happy." Then I frowned. "Why do you ask... And why do you know?"
He smiled.
"I know parents buy gifts for their children. But I like to grant Christmas wishes."
"You gave her to me?" I gasped.
"Not only did I give you Chelsea, but I gave you hope. You weren't hopeless then."
"You know her name?"
"Of course" he smiled. "I know everything about you. You still have Chelsea under your pillow. It was a deal-breaker for you and Sam when you told him about her, and he understood."
I sighed.
"But now Sam is gone. I have no hope anymore."
Santa walked over to me, his boots jingling as well as the bells, his belt buckle clacking. He held out a small package in his black glove.
"What's that?" I confusedly asked.
"A Christmas miracle" he said softly. He picked up my hand and placed the gift in my hand. I frowned at the box.
"Merry Christmas" I heard him say.
"I don't get it." I looked up, but the fat man was gone.
I shook my head, and started to open the small present.
What do I have to lose?
I saw a piece of ribbon and picked it up. I held it in front of my face and couldn't believe my eyes.
A clear bauble.
Glittery lettering suddenly appeared.
The word hope beamed bright, making me squint, before completely disappearing.
"Merry Christmas, Robyn."
I snapped my head up.
"Sam? SAM!" I jumped up and hugged him hard, nearly knocking him over.
"I'm sorry" he whispered into my neck.
"Where were you?!" I sobbed.
"I stalked about for a while, but then I cleared my head. And went to the hospital."
"My poor boy. My poor, poor boy. And I know you don't care about the monsters. I was just angry, though I shouldn't have been. I know it's tough and that stuff takes over. I know, and I'm sorry."
He squeezed me tight and kissed my forehead.
"I love you Robyn."
"I love you too, Sam."
He rested his chin on my head.
"Want to put that bauble on the tree?" he softly asked.
I looked at the clock. Just a minute past.
"Of course."
He took my hand, and smiled down at me. I sighed in relief, and we stepped towards the tree. We took a bit of ribbon in our hands and put it up together.
"It's Christmas" I grinned.
"It's Christmas" he smiled.

"I got you the perfect gift" I told him.
"You're the perfect gift."

He hugged me hard and I held on tight.
"It's a Christmas miracle" Sam said quietly.
"It is. Thank you Santa."

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