This story is to enter the Movella Christmas Advent Calander competition
This probably won't win due to some of the topics, but I feel that this is a realistic topic.
But I hope you enjoy this story of hope and Christmas miracles :)


1. 23 December

~~I yelped as my boyfriend pulled a Santa hat over my eyes.
"Sam!" I laughed, pulling the hat back up. He sniggered and hugged me hard. I put my arms around his chest and randomly became aware that he was a physical person with a life, secret, deep, dark thoughts, and emotions.
I hugged him a little tighter.
When we pulled away, we both absent-mindedly tugged our sleeves down.
"You look super cute in that hat" he smiled.
"Shut up!" I blushed.
"You know you love it" he chuckled. I embarrassedly looked away, still smiling. Sam pressed his lips to my temple, but then started to finish setting up the Christmas tree.
I sat cross-legged on the ground and watched him assemble the plastic festive symbol.
As he started to fit the branches into place, I watched with peculiar interest as his shirt hitched up slightly and his lower back was revealed.
The dent of his spine was deep, and the muscles caused his skin to swirl, showing how they worked.
I cocked my head, fascinated at my own fascination.
"Robyn?" he called, bent over.
"Yeah?" I dreamily called back.
"I can feel you staring at my ass."
"Hey!" I laughed, snapping back to reality. "I was not staring at your ass!"
"And why not?!" he indignantly asked, standing up, his face filled with mock shock-horror. "Is my ass not good enough for you, Robyn? Do I need to exercise and diet and be toned so my ass meets your high standards? Cause my ass is obviously not good enough for you."
I was now in a fit of giggles.
"Oh, so now my ass is funny, Robyn, is it? Is it?"
"You're funny!"
"My obviously imperfect ass is in no way a laughing matter!"
"You're such a girl!" I teased. His face set into competitive mode.
"We'll see who's a girl."
"No!" I warned, still giggling.
"Why not?" he grinned. I was about to scramble up and run away but Sam tackled and straddled me.
I breathlessly laughed underneath him.
"Don't dare."
"Don't dare what, Robyn?" he innocently asked, before he started tickling me.
I squealed and squirmed.
"No, no!" I laughed.
"What?" he asked, sticking out his tongue. "Don't you like being tickled?" He tickled me even more.
"Sam, I'm going to wet myself!" I screamed.
He chuckled and got off me.
"Twat" I huffed out.
"You love it really." His face suddenly was hovering above mine, his lips tugged into a smile, his black hair shadowing his blue eyes.
I tucked some of his hair back into his beanie hat.
"I love you" I said softly. His eyes sparkled...
In a way I didn't like.
"I love you too."
His voice was gentle and his body language hadn't changed.
I was overthinking things.
His carefully pressed his lips to mine, and I enjoyed the sweet taste of fruitcake from his tongue.


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