Square (NIall Horan AU, Book #1 In the Unlovables Series)

Elina was just your average 20 year old nerd. She wore glasses, had a slight stutter, and was just a bit too innocent. One rainy night, Niall finds her in horrible shape after a bad breakup. Their meeting was cut short, but with another accidental meet, will Elina end up falling hard? Or is she afraid of being too Square?


2. Chapter 2


A half an hour later, Elina was being dragged through the door to a flat by a very angry MiKynzi Sears. MiKynzi pushed her onto the couch, and crossed her arms. She glared at her for a second, before crashing on the couch with her. Finally, she burst into tears.

“Oh my gosh! I-I didn't know where you were! You just left with Josh, and then you never answered any of my calls. And when you did, and you didn't come home, I-I-- I just-” her voice was choked off by another sob.

Elina started to scoot over to embrace her, but shivered and decided against it. She probably didn't want a hug from her while she was soaking wet. She mumbled a quiet, “I'm sorry,” and went to take a shower. She could feel MiKynzi's eyes on her back. She felt guilty. She would tell her later, she deserved to know.



Thirty five minutes later, she emerged from her room, freshly showered. She felt better, as her platinum blonde hair was not matted and tangled anymore, her pores were cleansed, and most importantly: she wasn't cold.

She walked into the living room, where MiKynzi still sat on the couch.

“Kynzi.......” she said softly. “Josh- he broke up with me.” MiKyzi's head snapped up. “Oh Eli...I'm so sorry.....”

Elina laughed dryly. “He told me I was too boring, too plain. He said dating a pole would be more exciting then dating me. He admitted he just wanted to get in my pants all along. The he started kissing Samantha right in front of my face.” She let her bangs cover her eyes.

In that instant, Kynzi was on her, hugging her, kissing her hair, making her comfortable. “That prick! He has no idea what he's talking about. I'll rip his bloody balls off and leave him to the wolves!” she growled.

Elina hugged her friend tighter. She felt her shift and a few minutes later, “Girls, this is an emergency. Come down right now with every sugary substance you can find, and lots of cheesy movies. Also, a couple of beers. And Alexhis? Bring your darts.”

She laughed at her friend's habits, and pulled away. A few seconds later, the door was knocked on loudly. MiKynzi got up to open the door. There stood four girls, each of their arms filled. “So what's the deal?” a caramel colored girl asked. “I'll tell you when we get inside Alexhis. Did you bring your darts?” The girl rolled her eyes. “Yes, Kynzi.”

The next girl that walked by had blonde wavy hair, with blue highlights. “I brought my guitar, this sounded serious.” MiKynzi smiled. “Thanks, Alyssa.” She looked at the next girl and said, “Yes, a tub of all of our favorites!” The girl laughed. “That's what FrAsians are for!”

The final girl giggled. “Shut up, Maya,” she said. She had an American accent. “Love you too, Lexi!” Maya laughed.



Once they were all settled in, MiKynzi proceeded to tell them the events that had happened. When she was finished, there was silence. “That fucking asshole! I should teach his ass a lesson, go Texas style on him!” Lexi shouted, and they all burst out with laughter.

“What?! I'm serious!”

The night continued on, all of them eating ice cream, laughing at movies, and throwing darts at pictures of Josh. After a few hours, Elina felt better, but she also felt tired. “Hey guys, I'm getting tired, I'm gonna head up to bed, kay? I'll see you guys in the morning.” Before she got a reply, she jogged up the stairs into her room.

She fell asleep slowly, the memories eventually tiring her out.





When she awoke, it was overcast. She sighed and got up. She got dressed for work, putting on her pink shirt and apron. She put her hair into a ponytail and grabbed her bag. She headed downstairs. Alexhis, Maya, Lexi, Alyssa, and MiKynzi were still asleep. They were sprawled out on the couch, the chairs, and Lexi was even caping out on the table.

She got a post-it note from the counter and scribbled a note:




Hey guys, I just went out to work, don't wait up for me! I'll be back later ღ






She grabbed her keys and headed out. When she had locked the door, she started the short journey to her job. She worked at a small cafe, and it was only a fifteen minute walk. She looked up at the sky. It looked like it was going to rain. She hadn't brought an umbrella. Huh, what's up with all the rain? She just shrugged her arms.

She turned the corner, and she was there. She walked into Cafe de Cocoa, and clocked in. Time for another WONDAFUL shift, she thought sarcastically. Yes, WONDAFUL. She put on a fake smile as she turned around. “How can I help you?”

A plump lady with way too much face powder spoke her request. “I would like a doughnut, a coffee, and a Very Cherry Pie.” She found herself smiling. It reminded her of that cute Irish lad she med last night.

She blushed as she thought about the way her gave her his jacket, how sweet he was to bring her to a small cafe, and but her things to warm her up. She thought about him so much, that when she went to give the plump lady her order, her smile was genuine.



Niall was bored. Harry had went to work at the bakery, Louis was still asleep, Liam was in his room reading, and Zayn was playing FIFA. He would be joking around with Zayn, but he didn't feel like playing any gamed.

He had got in at a little past one last night, thinking about that girl. He didn't even get her name. Why was she in an alley in the rain, Why was she crying? He groaned and ran a hand through his bleached locks.

Why couldn't he get her out of his head? It really sucked. He suddenly jumped up from his half dead state on the couch. “Zayn! I'm going for a walk!” he shouted, pulling on a grey hoodie. “Kay! I'll tell Louis when he wakes up so he doesn't have a Lou-down!”

Niall laughed. Louis was so weird. Instead of him freaking out and them calling in a meltdown, they called it a Lou-down, because he wouldn't get worried or eat a lot of unhealthy shit. No, Louis was too odd for that.

He would walk around screaming about Kevin, a pigeon they had seen in a parking lot one day, watch TV, and then he would commence to shake his arse like no tomorrow. Finally, to top it off, he would eat a huge bowl of pasta. It was really funny to watch.

He cleared his throat. He was straying away from hi goal to go out and get some fresh air. Niall exited his, Liam's and Zayn's flat. (Harry and Louis just come over and spend the night a lot.) He grabbed his flat keys and closed the door behind him. (He knew if someone tried to break in, Louis would beat the shit out of them with his stuffed bird.)

He took the elevator down and greeted a man in the lobby. He took one step outside and shivered. “Jesus Christ, it's fucking cold out here!” he said, zipping up his hoodie. “He took a look up at the sky. It's gonna rain, just like last night. His thoughts drifted back to that girl. Even shivering and soaked in rain, she was still- NO!

No, Niall, no. You came out here to get her out of your mind. He continued to walk, meandering aimlessly, until his stomach growled loudly. Oh right, I didn't eat anything earlier!

Niall, you didn't eat? What the hell man!

Shut up.

I mean come on, that's seriously weird for you. This girl-

I said shut up, brain!

Oh great, he was going mad now! His stomach groaned again in protest from the lack of food. He decided to enter a cafe just a little ways up. He entered and took a look at the menu straight away. “What would you like today?” the barista asked. Niall raised and eyebrow, glancing back down. Where had he heard that voice before.

“I'll have a salted-” He stopped in his tracks. He took a second glance at the barista.

He knew this girl. It was the girl from last night.


* * *



She was as bored as she had been when she started her shift. Today was just a slow day. She blew a strand of hair out of her eyes, only to have it fall right back down. The little bell by the door chimed, signaling a new customer.

She grabbed her pad and a pen. “What would toy like today?” she asked with her rehearsed tone. “I'll have the salted-” the customer started. She looked up, ready to take the order.

She dropped her pen. This was the boy from last night.


There was an awkward silence.



Now that she could see him in decent light, she realized that he was not, in fact, a natural blonde. She could see brown roots, but it worked for him. She saw that he was fit, and his eyes had flecks of silver in the irises.

After a few more seconds, she realized that she was staring. He face instantly took on a new shade of scarlet, and she bent down to pick up her pen. She stood up so quickly that she got dizzy, and stumbled for a second before gathering herself together.

“S-sorry. What did you say that you wanted again?” she stuttered.

“You,” he muttered so quietly that he had a hard time hearing, even himself. He would have said it louder, just to make her blush, but decided against it.

“I'm sorry-- what?” she asked, but not in an annoyed tone. He looked up at her. “A salted caramel latte, a mini apple pie, and a ham sandwich, extra mayo.”

She almost giggled, but that would be unprofessional. Aw hell, who was she kidding? She embarrassed herself enough already. That Ed lad did say this bloke ate a lot. Okay, it'll just be a few minutes.”

She turned around, grabbed his apple pie from the heater, and started on his latte. While that was brewing, she made his sandwich. She could feel his eyes on her from across the room. When it was ready, she put it all on a tray.

As she was taking it to him,s he cursed herself. She didn't ask if he wanted it for here or to go. What if he didn't want it for here? She set it down in front of him, hoping he wouldn't mind. He looked up at her. “Thanks, love!” he said with a grin. She blushed again. “No problem,” she muttered, and shuffled awkwardly to her place behind the counter.

She saw him eating and started to get hungry.Well, it was her lunch break........


* * *


Niall saw her working behind her counter form the corner of his eye. She finished what she was doing, and sat at a table not too far away from his. She started to eat. She had a funny way of eating, sticking her tongue out to touch the food before taking a bite. It was odd, but quite cute in his eyes.

It really was an act of impulse, why he did this. Maybe it's because she looked so lonely, eating by herself, maybe it was the pull he felt towards her, but all he knew was that one moment he was sitting a few tables away, and the next, he was sitting across from her.

“So, I guess I didn't really properly introduce myself. I'm Niall. Niall Horan,” he said holding out his hand. She laughed as she shook it, He frowned. “What?” he asked.

“Well, it's just-- you've got mayonnaise-” she fell into a fit of giggles.

Niall's eyes widened in shock and he wiped around his mouth. “Is it gone?”

She shook her head. “Eyebrow,” she guffawed, and he wiped vigorously. He started laughing also. They stayed like that, laughing at something that happened two minutes ago, three minutes ago, four minute ago..... Elina finally wiped a tear from her eye and settled down.

“I'm Elina, she said, Elina Babkina.” normally, she wouldn't tell people her surname, they would usually laugh, but Niall looked fascinated. “Wow, tha's quite a name! Are you Russian?” he asked. “Well, my parents are, but they moved here right after I was born, so I guess I picked up on the accent.”

Niall smiled. “Niall, you have a pretty smile,” she said softly. The she perked up. “Hey, that rhymed! Niall, smile!”

He laughed. She thought his laugh was cute, the way is nose would scrunch up in the slightest way, and how his entire face turned red. “So do you....” he trailed off. He looked behind her and saw the clock. “Oh, damn! It's been that much time already? My mates have probably pulled their hair out. I told them that I was just going for a walk.”

“Oh, I know that feeling. My friends are so overprotective, it's not even funny anymore!”

Well anyways, I've got to bounce, maybe I'll se you next time, yea?” he asked.

“Yea,” she agreed.


* * *


That night, when they were both at home, just doing their normal routine, they realized the same thing.

I didn't get a number!

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