A Different Kind of Love

Louis mum has adopted someone called Kirsten but the boys are on tour and don't get back until Saturday. What will happen when Kirsten meets Niall??? Will fall in love or will they hate each other??? What will happen when Kirsten goes on her first date and who will it be with??? Read to find out more


2. Something Bad Happens

Authors notes (a/n) it is the car crash Kirsten's mum was in and when her dad commented suicide!!!

Chapter 2

Something Bad Happens

Kirsten's POV

I can't wait to go and live with Louis and his mum, Johannah Louis and I used to be BFFs before it happened and I ended up in the first of the many care homes I have been to but at least it was better than this one. We only get one meal a day and that meal is lunch, we usually only get a small sandwich to eat on less someone comes to visit then we get soup and a bap with ham inside it. We have to do everything around the care home but why am I complaining at least I have a roof over my head and I'm getting adopted soon. I can't wait to be adopted and see Louis again. I never saw him after social services came to take me away and I don't see him until Saturday evening when he gets back from tour.

I was packing my things when Mrs Etah (turn it around it is Mrs Hate), the owner of the care  home, suddenly came in and told me to follow her, she waited for me to come closer I could smell alcohol in her breath she had been drinking again. She led me to the basement I knew what was coming!!! Her husband came out of the shadow into the light, Mrs Hate told me to strip I did what I was told I didn't want to get hurt, hit, kicked or anything else like that. Her husband got undressed and toldme to get on the bed so I did I was very scared know what he was going to do. Did but before he could do anything the doorbell rang, saved by the bell again I was lucky that every time something like this happened I was saved by the doorbell.

Mrs Etah said "Get dressed and go to your room NOW!!!"

I got dressed and ran to my room and started to cry. I packed the rest of my things all I have is seven pairs of clothes, three dresses I case someone comes to visit or adopt, really old trainers and a pair of too small pumps. 

Johannah's POV

I was in the house texting Louis, when I looked at the clock and realised I had to go and pick Kirsten up from the care home. I jumped into my car and drove to the care home as quickly as possible. I rung the door bell and a few seconds later I heard someone shouting "NOW." I wondered what it could be. I rung the door bell again a little girl about 8 years old opened the door she reminded me of Kirsten at that age when her parents died. 

"Who are you?" The girl sounding very scared. 

"Hi I'm here for Kirsten. I'm Johannah what is your name."

"I'm called Andreanna. Kirsten is upstairs in her room do you want me to go and get her." She said.

"No, no no, it is ok. But can I talk to Mrs Et... Eat.. Heth... Hat.."

"Do you mean Mrs Etah?!"

"yeah, mrs Etah. Can I talk to her?"

"Ok, I will take you to the office."

Andreanna took me to the office. And Mrs Etah was not there but Andreanna said she would go to get her.

Andreanna's POV

I known who Johannah was because you can say I am the person who knows everything. It washard trying to stall her so Kirsten could get dressed, go up stairs and pack the rest of her things. 

I went to get Mrs Hate as I like to call her. When I found her I told her Johannah Tomlinson was here.


picture of Andreanna

Picture of Kirsten


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