A Different Kind of Love

Louis mum has adopted someone called Kirsten but the boys are on tour and don't get back until Saturday. What will happen when Kirsten meets Niall??? Will fall in love or will they hate each other??? What will happen when Kirsten goes on her first date and who will it be with??? Read to find out more


1. On tour but I want to meet Kirsten

Copyright rge030801

Chapter 1

On Tour but I want to meet Kirsten

Louis POV

My mum is adopting someone called Kirsten today. I wish I could meet her but the boys and I are on tour and don't get back until Saturday and its Thursday today. Oh yeah I for got to say I am Louis Tomlinson and I am in a band called one direction. I knew Kirsten when we were young.

Kirsten and I were best friends in primary school. In the summer of my p7 and p6 years and Kirsten's p4 and p5 years Kirsten's mother died in a tragic car accident. About a month later her dad committed suicide because he couldn't deal with the pain of losing his wife. Kirsten stayed at our house for three days before social services came to take her to a children's home. I never saw her again after that day.

Harry's POV

Everything seemed very dull. It was too quite. The others were watching television or texting. I decide to jump on Louis. His phone fell and smashed to pieces!!
I decided to run for it. Louis started casing me. I ran around the hotel room about ten times before Louis jumped on top of me.

Nails POV

I can't wait to meet this girl, Kirsten, Louis keeps going on about she sounds amazing. Louis has told me all about her and her life, some bad but mostly good. She is 18 years old, she does kayaking and is in the British squad, also she is an ex Northern Ireland gymnastics campion (just my kind of girl).

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