Ryan/Red is a 19 year old who lives on the weirder side, when she moves out of state she meets former band member of one direction Louis Tomlinson, she has no idea who he was and thats what he liked most about her, Louis finds out about her family and isnt scared, if anything he is wondered.


2. 2;



  I woke up the same way i always did, by the alarm on my phone, a yellow iPhone 5c that Derek rebuilt the day we moved. I turned it off walking right up. I stumbled into the bathroom, turning the light on. My red hair was tangled my make up from last night was smeared down under my eyes. I took a brush to my hair first then turned on my curling wand. I washed my face and extra on my eyes, that woke me right up. I started by curling my hair, adding hairspray every curl. Then make up, i did my waterline with eyeliner and a small wing on my eyelids, then added alot of mascara. I then put on cover up and i was done. I went in my room and picked out my outfit, black leggings, a grey over sized tee and my combat boots. I went back in the bathroom to brush my teeth. All of this took about two hours, then school at 9am. 

  I drove to school parking closest to the door as i could, i took my back over my shoulder and locked my doors. I listened to everyone talking in the halls, i took my books out for my first 3 classes and dropped my stuff at my first class, i left there going to breakfast were i knew my friends would be. 

  I seen the two brown headed girls talking, i grabbed cereal and milk and sat down, Sadie and Melissa were my two friends, i dont trust them yet. Sadie resembled Sadie off Awkward, but she was perfect, he long brown hair fell just above her pants, and her past is about her parents dropping her off at her grandparents at the age of 10 to go to Jamaica and blow the family money loom.  She hid her feelings well.

  Melissa reminded me of my mom but she doesn't abuse drugs as much, she has done loads of drugs but today only does marijuana. Her past is the average human being. She grew up her family loved her and they werent drug addicts her brother spends the night once a week to regain the family nights.

  "hey." i said painlessly, Melissa and Sadie returned a hello and went back into conversation. I had to butt in when i heard them talking about a new kid, "who?" i asked, they both pointed with there eyes behind me, i slowly looked back, new kid, he looked like a child. "His name is Louis." They said in sync. I looked back at my friends. "He is like 21." Sadie said, "he dropped out and i guess just decided to come back." Melissa said, girls sat by him like he was a treasure. He wasn't that hot. I mean yes, he has style and a nice smile, but i'd never even think of dating him. He stood up and so did the girls they took his bags and threw his trash away, "is he like king or something?" i asked laughing at myself. "i guess he is in a band." Sadie said, "was." Melissa corrected. "oh what ever. are you done?" Sadie said, I nodded taking my last bite. I threw it in the trash and we left.

  First bell rang i have 5 minutes ill second bell. I walked slow but id make it. When i arrived right after the bell rang everyone turned to look. I noticed the new kid Louis look aswell. I sat at my seat as he kept looking at me., i turned to look at him but he never looked away, "YES my hair is naturally this color, YES, my eyes are naturally this color. STOP looking at ME." i said a little to loud on purpose to Louis. He blew out air and looked away, everyone started snickering. "Ryan, that was very wrong of you." Mrs. Gilbert snarled. "Then tell the kid to stop looking and i wont have to be very wrong." i said, "talking back, as usual," she said taking a paper out, "detention, as usual." i said. "two, actually." she corrected. "oh doodle." i said standing up to take the slips. Everyone started laughing at my comment. "Enough. You can see the principal."  "gladly your highness." I bowed causing the laughs to go even louder. I grabbed my stuff and left.

  "My office now." Principal Dean said sternly as he walked in seeing me sit there. I stood up leaving my stuff on the table. "Normal routine, i shouldn't even say it anymore aye?" He  said, i just laughed lightly, "what now." "That new kid was staring at me, like dude yep its all natural. So i said YES my hair is naturally this color, YES, my eyes are naturally this color. STOP looking at ME.. Then Gilbert sent me here," i said, "i dont see the problem." "i may or may not have said some rude sarcasm after she told me to stop talking." I sighed, he did also.  "Ryan.. I cant keep saving your butt in this situations. You've been here a whole month, and you've been in here more then the student that's been here there whole life." "I know, im trying really hard." i lied to him. "Ryan, I ,, next time your in here, im going to suspend you ive gotten calls on you, i have no choice." i just nodded.   

   Third hour flew by and lunch was here, so far i have three classes with Louis. I met Melissa at subway. "i heard you have a riff ruff with Louis." She smiled, "i did," i took a bite of my turkey sub with extra pickle. "what happened?" "he started staring at my hair and eyes. i mean now at my age its just annoying and just he has the personality that, you have to hate him or something in that nature." I spat getting worked up. "Woahh, calm red." I smiled., "What if you two get really close or something. Then her hair turns normal color along with your eyes." "people will think i have in contacts and dyed hair, which ive proven i dont to so many old people." She started laughing.  "We better go." i said,  she nodded and i drove back to school.

  When sixth hour came around i now have five classes with Louis, first second third fourth and sixth, i really enjoy English so if Louis ruins this hour as well with his staring, ill have a lash out like my own mom. 

  I sat down in the middle of the class as usual. Louis was standing at Mrs. Burts desk, she pointed to the seat next to mine, and he sat there. i ignored his presence, and listened to the instructions. "On this paper there are five elements, fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. You will pick one you relate to by looking next to the words with the meanings and write a poem about yourself and the element." Mrs. Burt said handing out a paper, i skimmed the element and i couldn't decide what one i am. 

   "I am myself

   I cant decide who i am


   I am fire

   I am water

   I am earth

   I am metal

   I am wood


   I am elements"

 I turned in my paper as the bell rang i watched her read it and make an A on top. Normal.

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