Ryan/Red is a 19 year old who lives on the weirder side, when she moves out of state she meets former band member of one direction Louis Tomlinson, she has no idea who he was and thats what he liked most about her, Louis finds out about her family and isnt scared, if anything he is wondered.


1. 1;


  They call me Red. I have red hair and red eyes. My mom says its normal, ive never seen anyone like me before. My real name is Ryan but since i moved to Good Flinch in Florida everyone thinks its just soo funny to call me Red. I actually dont mind it i prefer it. What ever floats your boat. 

  I just moved here last month, im in 12th grade. I tried staying at my old town in Michigan because its my senior year, id rather be with my friends then make new ones. My mom said 'Ryan, you know grandma wouldn't want that, she already had Derek with her she wouldn't want you.' so i said, 'your just pissed because Derek and I would rather stay with her because your a crackhead.' Thats when she lashed out and gave me a bruise on my ribs.  If i fought back id be sent to jail. I already have court in a few weeks, and i have to go all the way back to Michigan because i "broke" in to a old mans house for coke. Uhm sorry but that was my sister. 

  My whole family has something wrong with them, like me im red hair and eyes, my mom is addicted to drugs, my sister took after our mom, and Derek is a goody boy straight A's never misses school, reads for fun, the only reason he is with my grandma is because he has autism, my mom hates him because of it. Derek personally is my favorite human being. He doesnt know how to talk, doctors say he never will because he is 16. He buys the newst phones and smashes them on the ground then rebuilds them in a day, he is the smartest being i know also, he does my homework. Well he used to. I had A's and one B. 

  My sister Ashley is probably the most stupidest being ever, she never even tried in school, then she dropped out with he boyfriend Max and left the state of Michigan and went to Italy and stole food to support themselves. Then my mom flew them back when they got caught. Then her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, i dont see why, Ashley gave him everything, food shelter, she would take a bullet for him, which she did, when he was jumped. She got hit in the thigh which the only humans who cared were Derek and I, i didn't care as much as Derek but i was still there while mom was out probably high and passed out. 

  Now I always knew i was different from my family, I didn't really fit in my family. My grandpa was just like me but purple hair and purple eyes, he was the only one i loved more then Derek, he understood me till he died from old age at 100. My grandma said id live past that, which i dont want to, i want to die soon, i hate being here. My life started falling apart when my grandpa died, i noticed more people started realizing me that's when i also realized i like boys, and boys started liking me, i think they like my differences then the other humans. Around the time my grandpa died i also started seeing and hearing other voices inside my head, that causes me to go to a therispest four times a week and sometimes mental hospitals. About 9 months after grandpa died i also started helping Derek learn to talk, it doesn't work but you can tell he tries. My grandma says grandpa would be proud. 

  My grandma was like my mom when she was younger, she loved drugs, but once she had her 3rd child she stopped, the 3rd child was my mom. Sometimes i wish she would have never had her so then i wouldn't be here with this fucked up family. My grandma now spends her time in drug places talking about how stopping changed her life, she has saved over 60 teenagers from suicide and drugs. My grandma is a real hero. 

  Now my dad... My dad is really on the weird side, he loves the dark. When i was little he would turn the lights off and whisper, 'do you hear them.' that's when id say 'hear what.' then he would say 'the people, can you hear the people in the walls.' then Derek would hold me tight. then id say 'no dad, your scaring Derek, turn the lights on.' then he would. My dad did this every week and then the last time, i swear at that moment of time, the world slowed down and i heard them, i heard them say words that was not English. After that, i moved into that room and my dad knew i heard them even though i didn't tell him. Then i started figuring out that language was Latin, and what they were saying, 'turn them off and you can hear, then them on and you see.' i never good understand that saying but i knew it meant something to me, i felt it. So i got it in big black letters and hung it above the closet were i heard it the most. Sometimes i'd even come home and my dad would be laying in the closet talking in Latin. Then we moved and ive never heard the voices again.


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