Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


8. Targets


Vesper sat on the same booth the sat the very first time they came to the Ice Cream Parlour. Some people might not consider it as the first date, but for Vesper it was. It had been the very first time when someone had tried to help her, the very first sometime touched her, a simple hug.


Niall was walking towards the Ice Cream Parlour, trying not to catch attention, as he had managed to get rid of all the security Paul made them have. He had Kaya helping him, but neither she did know what he was up to. 


Vesper scanned the surroundings once again, when she spotted a too familiar hair and eyes. She smiled a bit and it grew when Niall spotted her. Niall walked towards the table where Vesper was sitting. 


"Ves-" Niall started.

"James." Vesper smiled and winked.

"Random." Vesper smiled back. "I'm assuming we've got short time and I really want to hear what the doctor said."

"Your assumption is correct." Vesper replied. "I got word from the doctor, that whatever I have, it has inherited by my parents and he'll do anything in his power, maybe beyond to know it. Overheard him saying, that it was really surprising how the others gave up on me so easily."

Niall nodded and grabbed her hand. "Not everyone had given up." He smiled. "I got word that he's planning to look for the things you care the most and study them whilst you are there." 

Vesper's eyes shoot open and she blinked three times to make sure she was hearing right. "Things I care about the most?"

"Yes." Niall replied. "Things or maybe people."

"It makes no sense." Vesper replied. "I really have to go."

"Will I see you again?" Niall questioned. 

"Maybe." Vesper replied and left.



Klaus sat back staring at the computer screen, he hard found them. Now, the only thing he needed was for them to be together, so that he could kidnap both and finish what he had just started. 


"Listen carefully." Klaus said to his team. "I need two people following Niall Horan, and two others following Vesper. Do not, but DO NOT lose them. We need them both ALIVE."

"Understood." They all replied. 

"Go and get them."



Paul was in desperate need of using a laptop to search for Vesper, but he knew that he used his, ASA would see and find out whatever he did. He walked over to the boys and saw that they were all using their laptops except for Niall who was on the corner reading a book.


"Niall." Paul said making Niall look up at him.

"Yea?" Niall questioned.

"Could I use your laptop? Mine ran out of battery, and the charger is back at my flat." Paul said.

"Sure." Niall replied. "It has no password."



Paul grabbed Niall's laptop and went over to the kitchen. He opened it and saw that he had a new email from some random email.


Dear James:

Thank you for meeting with me today. I am hoping we can see each other some other day, but we should wait a couple of more days. I'm a bit busy with the whole moving issue, and I think the doctor will be still looking for all the things, so I might need to be moving. 

Ps.Could I win the lottery? 91212 3811475 156 5131912


Paul was very confused, but decided to leave it to Niall and his decisions. He went over to the internet and found the page to enter his computer without having ASA figuring it out. When he was typing away he found out, that every time he typed something about Vesper, information from within  Niall's computer appeared. As he typed more, he started figuring out everything Niall had worked with Kaya and the rest...


Vesper broke into the old building and searched for a place where to sleep. She wasn't happy about this place, but it was what she could find without drawing too much attention to herself. She made sure the old flat where she was going to stay, was locked and clean. 


"Thought you could escape?" Klaus voice said as he appeared right in front of Vesper with a gun and three men behind him. 




Vesper: I'll change of email





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