Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


3. I'm not saying


Vesper gasped for breath. She had a knot on her throat and was breathing heavily to prevent herself from passing out, she wasn't going to give that satisfaction to her grandfather. Vesper closed her eyes for two-seconds, when she opened them again her grandfather had a gun on his hands.


"You love pretending you are strong right?" Her grandfather mocked.

"What about you?" Vesper attacked back. "You don't even tell me your name."

"Klaus." He replied. "My name is Klaus."

"Explains a lot." Vesper replied.

"What do you mean it explains a lot?" Klaus asked.

"When I was starting as an ASA they told me not to trust a Klaus, he was going to claim to be part of us, when in reality he was an impostor." Vesper replied closing her eyes. 

"What information did they tell you not to tell me?" Klaus asked kneeling down.

"I don't know." Vesper replied. "I was never given any information."

"LIAR!" Klaus shouted hitting Vesper's stomach. "TELL ME!"

"Over my dead body." Vesper whispered.

"You're a slut!" Klaus shouted. "Just like your mother!"


Vesper kicked Klaus, making his phone fall off. Klaus spat at her and left her alone in the cell they had transferred her. Once Klaus was out of view, she grabbed the phone number and typed a fast text message to the one person she knew was going to save her.



Vesper here. This phone is from Klaus, my grandfather and kidnapper. That's all that I know. Don't text back or anything. I'll send you more information from other phone if I get more. 

Don't risk your life. 


Niall's heart stopped for a minute as he re-read the text message he had just gotten. He ran to grab Vesper's old laptop and opened the tracking program. He typed the phone number in, and waited for an answer, but it appeared to be, that they had blocked the number, it either meant that Klaus had found out about the text or that he lost his phone. 


"PAUL!" Niall shouted. "KAYA!"

"What is the problem Niall?" Paul asked entering Niall's room. 

"I know who has Vesper." Niall said and Paul couldn't believe it.

"Who?" Paul asked.

"Who what?" Kaya asked joining the boys.

"Klaus." Niall replied. "Klaus, her grandfather."

"Klaus?!" Kaya asked. "Shit! This is harder than I thought."

"How do you know that?" Paul asked ignoring Kaya's comments.

"She sent me a text." Niall replied. "Here." 


Vesper woke up and everything within her hurt. She took her surroundings, she was in the same cell, no windows and just a door. She looked around and found a plate with food and a fork. Vesper sat up and grabbed the food. She started eating whatever was on the plate with her hands, hiding the fork for later use. 


"You were hungry." Klaus said entering the room. "Funny prank you pulled yesterday."

"Prank?" Vesper asked confused.

"Yes." Klaus replied. "Where is my phone?"

"How should I know?" Vesper replied. "Haven't seen it."

"Listen carefully girl." Klaus said. "If you keep messing with me, you will die."

"Fine by me." Vesper replied. "You are the one that needs me."


Klaus slapped Vesper, making her fall, he kicked her one time and then walked out of the room. He sighed and walked to the big room. He grabbed an old photo book, and started flipping the pages, seeing how much Vesper had grown. He knew that she wasn't going to tell them anything, but he hoped that she would so that he didn't have to beat her up.



Niall opened the door, only to find Louis and Liam standing there with their luggage. Niall hugged his friends and let them inside, he hadn't asked them to come, but he was happy that they were here. 


"I'm so glad you guys are here." Niall said.

"We are glad to be here too, and find out that you are still sane." Louis laughed.

"She texted me today." Niall said.

"How?" Liam asked. 

"She sent me a text from the phone of her kidnapper." Niall explained.

"Did you track it?" Liam asked.

"Couldn't." Niall replied. "Apparently they blocked it." 

"Let me try." Liam said. 

"You know how to do that?" Louis asked.

"The vacations we had, I dedicated myself to hack." Liam explained. "But I'm going to need a laptop with the program."

"Here." Niall replied. "Vesper's laptop."

"Thanks." Liam replied.

"What did you do over the vacations?" Louis asked Niall.

"I learned how to hack into computers and some other stuff and learned how to fight." Niall replied. "I'm waiting for Paul to teach me how to use a gun."

"You want her back don't you?" Louis asked.

"She is my life." Niall replied. 


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