Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


4. I will find you


Niall, Liam and Louis were still trying to track the phone, just like Niall had suspected, they had blocked the number, but trying harder and harder each time, they managed to unlock it, now the only thing they were missing was finding the location of the last sent text.


"I think, if we could get a better computer or a better program we could work even better." Liam murmured.

"I agree." Louis said. "Doesn't your computer have the program?" 

"Paul." Niall said.

"What with Paul?" Liam and Louis asked.

"Paul's computer has better programs." Niall explained. "We just need to 'borrow' it, and work with it." 

"Why 'borrow' it?" Louis said using quotation signs like Niall.

"Because he is not here and we are going to grab it, hack to enter and work." Niall replied.

"What are we waiting for then?" Liam replied with a smirk.



Vesper screamed in pain as Klaus cut her arm with a knife.Tears were coming out her eyes, and blood from her arm, nose and hand. Klaus stopped and stared at her granddaughter, he knew that she wasn't going to tell him anything, he was starting to believe that she was telling the truth and that she didn't know anything. He was tired of torturing her, and gaining no response.


"You enjoy doing this don't you?" Vesper hissed.

"I don't." Klaus replied. "But I need those answers."

"I don't know them." Vesper breathed. "I don't know anything."

"Then explain to me, why did your parents sacrificed their life for you?" Klaus asked.

"I wish I could know that as well." Vesper replied. "I believe it was for the book, but ASA has it."

"I don't need that old book." Klaus replied. "I need to know other information."

"I don't know anything else." Vesper repeated. "I swear."


Klaus let out a sigh and walked out of the cell, leaving Vesper thrown on the floor and the knife next to her. She grabbed the knife and hid it in the same place where she has hidden the fork, the cellphone and the first aid kit. 

Vesper took out the first aid kit and started cleaning the wounds, when the phone beep. She turned around and stared at the phone, she was more than sure that Klaus had blocked the number as he couldn't find his number. She grabbed the phone and stared at the number that had sent a text.



To: Unknown

William don't forget to bring the pizza! Carrot pizza Will! By the way, where are you?

-James H.


Niall nodded as he sent the text message. He was more than sure that Vesper was going to understand the message. If Klaus had the phone, he would think someone had the wrong number, and if Vesper had it, she would know it was from him.


"Do you think it will work?" Liam asked. "Isn't the bad guy going to figure it out?"

"No." Niall explained. "I didn't use our first name."

"So if he has the phone, he will believe that someone has the wrong number?" Louis asked.

"Yes." Niall replied. "Did you leave Paul's computer back where it was?"

"I did." Louis replied. "There is a girl in the living room."

"Kaya?" Niall asked and Louis shrugged. "KAYA!" Niall shouted and Kaya came into the room.

"Is Paul here?" Kaya asked.

"No." The boys replied.

"Perfect." Kaya smiled. "No need for introductions, cause I already know who you are. Niall, I might help you even more."

"What do you mean?" Niall questioned.

"Paul doesn't want you, or any of the other guys, whom by the way, have been training to become part of ASA, participate so much in the rescue mission for Vesper." Kaya started. "But the one person that can get us to her is you. So I'm here, disobeying every order I was given. Fill me in, in whatever you've found." Kaya said. "And call the rest of the band, we'll need them."


Niall smiled and nodded at Liam who started explaining with the help of Niall, everything they had tried to do. Louis grabbed his phone and started calling the other boys so that they could come and help Niall have the love of his life back again with him.


Vesper studied the text message. William, James, Carrot. This had to be Niall. She was about to answer when she heard her cell door move, she threw the phone and first aid kit inside the secret place and moved away from it. Klaus appeared at the door, and threw her another first aid kit, and some food. Vesper stayed in place trying to see if he did something else. Klaus closed the door and walked away from the cell.


Vesper was thinner than she had been, it had been three months, and she hadn't revealed any information. She had to be extremely good for that, or she didn't know anything at all. He walked up the stairs, out of the basement. He locked the basement door, and entered the store. He sat behind the cash register, when he saw Paul enter the grocery shop. 


"Excuse me." Paul said. "Do you have red chilli?"

"Aisle four." Klaus replied. Hadn't he recognise him?

"Thank you." Paul replied and walked to the aisle.

"Welcome." Klaus replied. 


He needed to move Vesper from here or he would find her.

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