Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


13. Discovery


Kaya couldn't believe her eyes. Klaus was the man she worked for?!


"May I help you agent?" Klaus questioned. 

"Yes, sir." Kaya replied. "I was wondering if you still have the search team looking for Vesper?"

"Why are you asking?" Klaus questioned. 

"I'm just curious." Kaya smiled. 

"That's private information." Klaus replied. "Now please, if you don't have anything important I have to ask you to leave. I have some matters to take care of."

"Of course Sir." Kaya semi bowed. 


Kaya ran out of ASA and into the stadium the boys were supposed to be playing in. She had to let them know that ASA wasn't safe.


Vesper was still inside the bus trying to figure out where Klaus was. Her tracking program must be wrong, there was no way in hell that Klaus was at ASA base, that made no sense, but then she remember something about the phone that used to belong to him, it had the ASA logo. Something clicked in her mind. There had been a mole, the director was the mole, but the superior director never showed his face when she informed this, could it be possible that Klaus was the superior director? 


It couldn't be, Klaus wanted something her parents told her, all the information her parents had, came from ASA, and if Klaus was the superior director, he had to know it. Right? Vesper was about to knock on Paul's door when Kaya burst into the bus. 


"Klaus." She shouted as she tried to catch her breath. "Klaus is-"

"The Superior Director from ASA." Vesper finished. "Figured."

"How did you?" Kaya questioned.

"My tracking program showed Klaus at the ASA base." Vesper replied. "So it was either he gave up himself or he is some kind of high rank from ASA."

"Does Paul knows?" Kaya questioned.

"Where were you?" Paul asked as he opened the door.

"I was going to tell ASA I found Vesper, but I found out that we can't trust ASA." Kaya explained. 

"You were planning on turning me in?" Vesper asked in shock. "What the hell?"

"You said it yourself yesterday!" Kaya exclaimed. 

"Stop!" Paul shouted preventing the girls from fighting more. "What did you find out?"

"Klaus is the Superior Director." Kaya and Vesper replied. 


Paul didn't say anything but threw his phone to the wall, breaking it in the process. He looked over at Vesper and pointed the window. She had to escape. He had already informed she was back. 


"I'll contact with either from a random number or email." Vesper said.

"Be careful." Paul said as he pressed his lips on Vesper's forehead. "You have the extra phone?"

"Yes." Vesper gulped. "Tell Niall that I love him."

"I will." Paul sighed. "Leave before the burst in here."

"I'll see you guys later." Vesper said before grabbing two guns, a knife, and a jacket. 


Paul controlled his tears and Kaya knew how much it hurt to see someone you love run away. Right after Vesper was out of sight, Louis, Niall, and Liam entered the bus laughing, but stop short when they saw Paul and Kaya staring at the now opened window.


"Where is she?" Niall questioned. "Where is Vesper?"

"Gone." Paul whispered. "She's gone again."



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