Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


5. Calling One Direction


Vesper opened her eyes and saw the Klaus was packing everything from the cell she was in. He was barking orders to everyone. She stared at him and he walked out of the cell. Vesper tried to think for a way in which she could keep the phone near her. She crawled over to her secret spot and decided to plan the possibility of running away, it wasn't going to be the first time she ever did that. 

There were five guys moving the things, and she had three knives and the phone. She tucked the phone between her bra, and grabbed the knives. She was going to escape. 



"You called them right?" Kaya asked Niall. 

"Yes." Niall replied. "Are you sure that Paul won't be here this weekend?"

"Positive." Kaya replied. "They got some sort of trace from the place she was taken."

"Huh?" Louis said. "What do you mean with trace?"

"They think, that Klaus took her somewhere that reminded her of family." Kaya explained.

"Why would he?" Liam questioned.

"Because there is a chance that she might give him the information he need if she feels comfortable." Kaya replied. 

"Vesper wouldn't do that." Niall attacked.

"I know she won't." Kaya replied. "Is something beeping?"

"Beeping?" Louis questioned. "No one's beeping."

"The phone." Niall shouts and runs towards the computer.



Vesper leaned on a wall, trying to catch her breath. She tries to focus on her breath so that the pain she feels, is gone. She made it, she managed to escape. Now the only problem is where to go. Vesper takes in the place where she is, she isn't in Australia, she is in London, three blocks away from the place they took her. She knows time has passed, but she doesn't know how much. 

Vesper managed to get back to the hotel where she was the day they got him. She looked around and everything was different. Vesper sat down and pulled her knees to her chest. This was never supposed to happen, she was never supposed to fall in love with some. She had a job, and her job was to protect her parents legacy, the legacy she had well hidden. Vesper started sobbing, and reciting the words, her father once made her promised not to say.


"Secrets are meant to be secrets, this is were you belong, you have the memory many will die for, and therefore you shall never repeat a word I am about to say..."


"Woah wait!" Harry shouted as he and Zayn ran behind Louis, Liam, Niall, and Kaya. 

"You've found her?" Zayn shouted.

"Yes!" Niall shouted. 

"Or at least we know the phone she had is now moving." Kaya added.

"Who is she?" Harry questioned.

"I'm Kaya." Kaya replied. "I work for ASA, and if they found out I'm working behind their back, I might lose my job."

"So you are helping Niall why?" Zayn asked.

"Because I want to meet Vesper." Kaya replied. "She is a living legend."

"Shut up." Niall said. "Here it is." 

"A grocery store?" Liam questioned.

"Vesper is hiding on a grocery store?" Louis added.

"Either she is, or was." Kaya replied.



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