Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


21. Back Home


Vesper let out an exasperated sigh as she entered the house she had loved. She wasn't back home, but then again, her home was destroyed. Niall was behind her, and he was in awe as he stared the house where they were going to stay for three months. Recovery...


"This is huge!" Louis laughed. "Are we sure we are on the right direction?"

"When have I ever been wrong?" Vesper smirked. 

"Never!" Liam laughed. "This place is awesome."

"I know." Vesper smiled. "I came here for six months to do a mission." 

"Are you being serious?" Niall questioned. 

"Yeah, I had to learn German." Vesper sighed. "I was like five when we came."

"Woah!" Harry exclaimed as he came into the living room. "This place is awesome! Isn't it Kaya?"

"Yeah." Kaya smiled. 


Vesper let out a small smile and moved over to explain the boys where they were going to stay. She was happy that Paul had given them three months to be away from all the chaos whilst he fixed it. When everything was done he was going to join them on their retirement. 


Kaya was still mastering her plan to get rid of Vesper, maybe Klaus and Marie were out of the equation, but there were other people that wanted her dead, Vesper knew too much. The only problem on her plan was to make sure that Vesper never suspected that she was the one behind the new attempts of kidnaping her.


"So we each have our own rooms?" Zayn questioned. "How big is this house?"

"Big enough for twelve people to live in it perfectly fine without sharing." Vesper smiled. "ASA gave it to me after I completed my very first official mission."

"When was that?" Niall questioned. 

"When I was four." Vesper smiled. "I had to infiltrate a virus inside a company so that we could gather all the information they had on an experiment they were trying to make." 

"And you managed to do that when you were four?" Kaya asked unsurprised. 

"Yeah." Vesper shrugged. "It was either that or save a cat from a  tree, I hate cats." 


All the boys laughed at Vespers comments. They were all glad to be back together with her, and they were even more happy now that she acted more like a teen. Vesper smiled at the scene, she was here with the people she had fallen in love with and there was no other place where she wanted to be. 


She was safe and everyone she cared was safe too, what else could she ask for?






Hello lovelies! This story has come to an end... I am thinking about another book, the last one of the trilogy, I will start it up if you guys want... Five comments they want the other book and I will do it. It can end here or we can have the other one. It is up to all of you! 

​I love you all for following the story! :​I hope you can check out my other movellas and let me know what you think of them :)


Kaya I'm sorry for making you bad... I highly doubt you are! 


I love you all!


-iGabzilla aka Gaby

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