Competitive Love(Louis Tomlinson)

Andrea (Andy) Davis plays soccer and softball, she is the captain of the school'a softball team. This year she wants to be the captain of the soccer team. Her school only has one soccer team and that's a boys team, Andy is the only girl on the team.

A new student by the name if Louis Tomlinson wants to be captain too and plays the same position as Andy.

Both of them struggle to concentrate on the game when they meet.


2. Chapter 2

"Andy wake up." My brother screams and jumps on my bed. "It's Humpdayy Andy wake up!" I roll my eyes and climb out of bed.

"No one says that anymore you toadstool!" I croak it's way to early in the morning, I check the clock and it says 6:30 which means I got less than two hours of sleep. My homework took longer than I thought, I had to write an essay on some stupid poem, I had to define fifty words and i had ten math problems to do. I am a total procrastinator, we got the definitions and essay two weeks ago and they're both due today.

"Toadstool, wow sis that really hurt me right here." He points to his heart and laughs, I send him a look that could kill. I walk out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and get the shower over with as quick as possible.

Once I'm done I dry my hair and curl it and put on the smallest amount of make up as possible. When I get to my room I look through my gym bag for my uniform and throw it on. It's a tradition for our soccer team to wear our uniforms the day after we get them. I run down the stairs avoiding my family and run out the door. "Hey Andy!" A voice calls and I turn to see Fizzy, Lottie and Louis crossing the street. Louis is wearing a pair of red jeans and a stripped shirt. "I love your uniform, Lou never told us you play." Lottie says and slaps Louis on the arm.

"Yeah I play first string center forward." I smile and Louis nods.

"Woah, so does Lou good thing you play for the girls team." Fizzy gushes and my smile falters, but I laugh nervously.

"There isn't a girls team only a guys team, they pulled some strings so I can play. No other girls really play soccer at our school." I answer quietly. Fizzy and Lottie turn to Louis for conformation and he nods.

"Cool so you're like really good then?" Lottie asks me and I smile.

There is tension in the air now that not even the biggest knife could cut, I wasn't the only one who noticed it. Louis brought his hand up and brought it down in a chopping motion and suddenly stops as if something was in the way. "I can't seem to chop away at it, sorry Andy I guess we will have to work on it." I laugh as he keeps repeating the action each time getting further than the last, until he swings and his arm and it goes through the air. "There it's gone." He says with a smug smile on his face.

"What just happened?" I hear Fizzy ask Lottie, Lottie shakes her head. This makes both Louis and I to laugh even more.

I check my phone and realize that school starts in less ten minutes. "Shit!" I exclaim then I realize the Fizzy and Lottie are there. "I meant crap....I mean poop....damn it.....darn it, yup that's exactly what I meant." The girls laugh and start walking towards the middle school.

I start walking towards the high school and Louis follows. "Warning, my mom is going to ask you to babysit all four of the girls tonight, apparently they just adore you." Louis says after five minutes.

"Okay, I'd love to if I can." I smile and he nods, feeling a bit awkward I pull out my phone and plug an ear bud in my ear and offer the other to Louis, he takes it and I put my music on shuffle. The first song is a Forever Young, I sing along quietly and before I know it we are at the school with four minutes to spare.

"You have a nice voice, and a fucking amazing playlist, if do say so myself." I feel heat rise to my checks at his complements.

"Thanks, oh stop by coaches office he has your uniforms. We have this tradition to wear our uniforms the day after we get them so, go throw yours. So you can match the rest of us." He smiles and heads towards the gym and I head to my locker.

"Who was that?" Raven asks and warps his arm around my waist when I pass his locker.

"Louis Tomlinson, he is my new neighbor and is on the soccer team. His sisters are so adorable and his family is super nice." I say a little defensively, because I could hear the lack of trust in his voice. "He is also my friend just like the boys and only a friend, problem?"

"No, hey babe I was just wondering no need to go all defensive on me. Do you wanna hang out later, we could go see a movie or you can come over my house." I mentally roll my eyes. I know I don't love Raven, I'm to young for love and the same goes for Raven, but when I think I might love him he acts like a total prick.

"I can't I have prier engagements." I say and walk out of his grip and get to my locker, get my stuff and get to class as quickly as possible.

When I sit down I notice two things, Harry isn't sitting next to me some random kid is and there is a seating chart taped on the board. I grab my stuff and check for my spot and I am happy to find that it's on Harry's left. "Hey Hazza, what'd you think of Louis?" Louis' comment from last night resurfaced and something occurred to me. Why would Louis care if Harry and I was dating? Duh because he likes one of us, and I know it's not me because there is to much awkward tension so he must like Harry, oh my he's gay.

"He's a funny guy I guess, and is pretty cool for one of your soccer buddies. Did you ever realize a lot of your team are douche bags and want in your pants right?" I roll my eyes.

"Don't worry dad," I tease, "of course I know that you butt. Plus you're no better I mean you slept with over half the girls in this school."

"Did not I told you already I slept with four, only four, Raven has slept with more. Plus it's not my fault I'm a 'man-whore' the girls brake up with me not the other way around." He defends himself, I know it's true he hates his reputation.

"What do you mean Raven slept with more?" I ask a little confused.

"I caught him a time or two, before you were dating, at parties, but he changed for you at least that's what he says." He explains and relief floods through me, before I started dating Raven he was the biggest man-whore ever. "You know if I ever found out he was cheating on you or planning on hurting you, I'd tell you and then kill him." He sounds hurt that I though he kept a secret, like Raven cheating on me, from me.

"I know Hazz and that's why your one of my boys." I smile and so does he. We stay silent for the rest of the class.

When lunch comes around, five periods later, Louis sits next to me at lunch across from Harry, only raising my suspicions about the whole Harry thing. The boys tease Louis for getting a salad, he said it's because he needs to stay fit for the soccer season making me doubt my choice. Pizza, chips, Pepsi, and a cookie I think about it for a minute than shake my head, the Pepsi is diet so it makes my lunch healthy, I smile and nod my head to myself for such a healthy lunch.

"So where is your asshole of a boyfriend?" Zayn asks bluntly.

"Don't know, he hasn't been in lunch since the first day." My mood shifts a bit at the mention of Raven.

"I say this because I love you, dump him." Kendra pips up.

"Yeah yeah just brake up with the douche." Niall agreed draping his arm over Kendra's shoulder.

"I second their statements!" Liam chimes, none of them like Raven. I look to Harry waiting for him to add to the conversation.

"I agree with them, you know I do, and seeing as I'm your best friend since before birth I say you listen to me and kick his ass to the curb." He said without skipping a bet or looking up from his phone.

I look at Louis who's jaw is touching the floor. I could see he is surprised by the lack of support. "It's a normal thing." I clear up.

He nods and continues to pick at his lunch. With out thinking I sling my arm around his shoulders and said, "Don't worry you'll think the same of him too, once you meet him."

Shock is clear on all of there faces, even mine. Harry stands up and grabs my arm, dragging me out of the cafeteria. Once we reach a empty hall he asks, "What was that?"

"I don't know Hazz, I'm mad at him

Right now. He is being a jealous prick again and that pisses me off." Speak of the devil.

"Hey babe, Harry." He, Raven, says as he approaches us. A scowl involuntarily formed on mine and Harry's faces.

"Hi ass, I mean Raven." Harry quips and I hold a laugh back.

"Hey, Raven." I say and walk away, Harry and Raven following me.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier, it's you just seemed so close to this new guy. Like really close and you hang out with guys all the time so God know what happens between you all." I stopped moving and turned to slap for basically calling me a whore but Harry beat me to it with a punch.

"I can't believe you!" I shouted, I grab Harry's arm and pull him away. "We are over you ass!" When we get back into the lunch room I'm sobbing and Harry is trying to comfort me.

"Woah what happened?" Louis asks and Harry explains what happened. I see my boys, Kendra, and Louis' faces contort with anger. Louis drape his arm over my shoulder and I burry my face in his. I cry, hard, like harder than some man on a Viagra high.

Finally I move past the crying faze and right myself. "That asshole practically called me a fucking whore, look who was talking Mr. I-slept-with-over-sevety-five-percent-of-China's-women-population. Harry you should have punched him harder and kicked him between the legs, where is he I owe an ass whooping."

I hear Zayn laugh along with Harry. I scowl at them and quickly leave. I have a little less then ten minutes of lunch left and I am determined to find the jerk.

When I find him, he outside the girls locker room sucking face with Mindy West. Surprise, surprise, oh the irony he calls me a slut when he's the one slitting around.

"Hey asshole!" I shouted and they jumped apart. I could see Mindy gulp down her fear. "Mindy you can go." I say, hoping she will, and she does.

"Babe it's not what it.." He starts but I cut him off.

"Looks, she kissed me blah blah blah. I don't care we broke up I just came here to give you what you deserve!" My voice rises by the end of my teeny tiny rant.

I'm just about to charge and knee him where his family jewels stay, but someone grabs me and holds me back. I fight against my restraint hoping to get loose. I see a smirk play on Raven's face and he came closer. Next thing I know he grabs my face and kisses me. The hands that were holding me back let go as I tried to push Raven off. Suddenly the same arms wrap around my waist gently but firmly pull me away and place me away from Raven.

When I look up I see Louis about to throw a punch at Raven, but Raven ducks and punishes him in the stomach. Louis doubles over in the stomach and Raven takes the opportunity to push him to the ground, before Raven could go any further I push him away and help Louis up. "Are you okay?" I ask him.

"Yeah are you?" He asks with concern. I drape his arm over my shoulder and start to walk him to the bleachers in the empty gym.

"Not really, but he is just an ass so it doesn't matter." I bluntly reply and we sit on the first row if bleachers.

"You deserve better." He comforts me.

"How do you know, you barely know me?" I skeptically ask, has he been stalking me or something? I hope not because he seems cool, maybe him stalking me wouldn't be so bad, no it would. Right? Yeah.

"The way you act around your friends, family, my mom, my step-dad, my sisters, and me just proves you have a perfectly nice character. You are simply down to earth and kind, those are to important qualities people need to have, but not many do." I smile and hug him.

He groans in pain a bit causing us both to laugh. "I'm sorry he hit you." I say. "Can I....uh see if a...s bruise?" He nods and I lift his shirt a bit to see perfect abs and a hint of a bruise forming. "You have one coming in." I say lightly touching the small bruise my fingers cold until they make contact with his warm skin.

"That sucks, especially if coach makes us do a lot of crunches or sit-ups." He jokes, laughing I let his shirt fall down to cover his stomach.

"Yeah it does suck, because there is a lot of ab work outs." I tease.

"Damn it!" We sit there for the rest of lunch period laughing it away.


That's chapter 2




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