Days end

When the sun goes down at days end.
When the night comes at days end.
Will I die at the days end?

When a mysterious boy turns up of Sophia's doorstep how will she react when he tell her that her days are ending? And what happens when she falls in love? What happens when it turn out he's not from earth?........

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


2. chapter 1

I awoke with a start. Just as I was settling back down I realised what it was that had woken me in the first place. The hammering on the front door. It got more urgent all of a sudden like the mysterious knocker knew I was awake. Groaning, I rolled over and glanced at the time, 6:30! Who in their right mind would come calling at 6:30, in the morning! Slowly I unfurled and crawled out from under my duvet. Glancing down at what I was wearing I realised it was good luck when I'd decided to wear a best top and shorts to bed that night instead of just an oversized t-shirt.

Running my hands through my hair I sighed as I thought of the state I was in. Reluctantly I padded trough to the front door. The knocking got louder and more agitated.

"All right. All right! I'm coming! God, break the door down why don't you!" I snapped and the knocking abruptly stopped.

"Look my parents aren't home till Sunday" I started as I opened the door. "If you want them...... OMG what's happened?!" I cut myself off as I see who it was knocking. It's a boy about 16 with dark brown, tousled hair, I can't see his eyes because their screwed up in pain. Which was explained as I saw why. There was a dagger sticking out of his abdomen... His really fit well toned abdomen. Mentally I slap myself for thinking that, there are obviously more important things to be worried about right now.... Like daggers... And blood...

"What happened! Let me get you inside so I can phone an ambulance." I said trying to sound as calm as possible.

"No," he panted, "no ambulance. I just need to get inside. I'll be fine."

"You very clearly won't, there is blood pouring out of your side!" I practically scream.

He opened his eyes (deep forest green) and looked right at me "trust me, I just need to get this pointy thing out and then I'll be fine. Please"

"Ok..." I say hesitantly and open the door.

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