Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


7. Chapter 5-Company

Cassie's Pov-

I woke up to see Tess laying on her back on the bed and sleeping. she's out of class early. i wonder what happened. I got up and tiptoed over to her. "TESS!" i yelled in her ear. she jumped up and went into panic mode. "calm down" i said scared of what she might do. "Cassie! you nearly gave me a heart attack! never do that again!" she screamed hitting me. it didn't even hurt, i giggled and sat on my bed. "why are you outta class?" i asked her. "I got kicked out" she said casually. "really!? haha, what'd you do?!" i asked laughing. "I punched Harry Styles" "YOU PUNCHED HARRY STYLES?!" i yelled laughing harder.

"keep your voice down Cas, he could probably be standing outside the door" she said. i gave her a confused look. "why would he be outside the door?" i asked her she sighed and was about to speak but stopped, she got up and opened the door. when she opened it Harry and the other boys fell down on the ground, Harry hitting his face on the floor, Louis fell ontop of him,then Liam,Zayn and Niall. Harry looked like his bones where crushing, i should probably help him. Eh let him suffer. that's what the get for eavesdropping. idiots "what i tell you" she said colsing the door, even though they were still laying there she kicked them out of the way and closed the door locking it. 

"What was that all about?" i asked her. she shrugged. there was a knock on the door. "who the fuck is it?!" Tess yelled. "ONE DIRECTION! OPEN UP OR WE'LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!" Louis yelled back, dose he think he's the police or something? "YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE DOOR IF YOU BREAK IT DOWN!" i yelled. "THAT'S NOT A PROBLEM FOR US SWEETHEART!  OPEN THE DOOR" Louis once again yelled i looked over at Tess. "i'm opening it" she said i sighed and nodded. "but hold on, let me take down the pictures" i whispered she nodded. I stood up on the bed and took down all the pictures of me and Louis when we were little,and pictures of my parents,I also took down pictures of my old self. I don't want them finding out who i am, i can't believe they haven't even remembered yet. idiots. I left the pictures of me and Tess only. i hid the pictures under my matress 

Tess got up and once again opened the door. I just sat on my bed. They stood there smiling. "what do you want?" Tess asked. "we want to chat" Niall said they casually walked in and made their selfs feel welcome. um excuse me but who do they think they are? They all sat on Tess's bed and started at me. "stop staring at me" i snapped and got up grabbing a light sweater. "Where you going?" Tess asked me. "i need some fresh air" i said to her and started walking towards the door. she grabbed my arm and whispered to me. "please don't go, what if something happens? and i end up beating them all up?" she said. i sighed and said fine. "i'll stay" i told her sitting back down on the bed. "do you girls need any help with your movie?" Zayn asked "no, now leave" tess said. i just sat there and was afraid because Harry was staring at me... what if he reconized me?! what he tells the others? 

Harry's Pov-

That girl! she looks so familiar to me but i can't remember, she kinda looks like Louis' sister Cassie. But Cassie died 3 years ago. and this 'Cassie' girl looks nothing like my Cassie. the cassie that i loved and still love. When Louis told me that Cassie killed herself 3 years ago, i was shattered. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend, i wanted to show her to the world. she meant alot to me. she was special. I really loved. I tried to forget her by sleeping with other girls but it never worked, she's always on my mind... i wish i could see her again one more time.. 


A/N:I don't think im gonna write this story anymore.. i only have 10 likes thats so little. I feel like im doing a horrible job, i think i'll just delete it. If i get 20 or more likes than i won't but until than i wont be updating. 


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