Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


3. Chapter 1-One Direction?

Cassie's Pov-

"I can't believe we have to write about our lives" i said to Tess. "it's gonna be alright" she said Tess is my best friend she knows everything. I told her everything and she said she hates them. Even though she used to love them she said just because of what they did to me she hates them. She's a true friend. I love her. "whatever lets just get to our dorm" i said to her as we grabbed our bags and headed out the class. we walked out of the building and walked to our dorm room. "so are you really gonna do this project?" she asked me i nodded "i have no choice i asked the professor if i can do it on something else but he said that i can't this is part of my scholarship" I said sighing. "are you gonna write it or make a movie?" she asked as we got to our dorm she unlocked the door with her key and went inside "i don't really know haven't really thought about it yet" i said throwing my bag on my bed and sitting on my bed "well i'm making a movie writing is too much for me i have to get a pen than a paper and think of words to write and write for hours and hours and ugh its just to much" she said i started laughing "your so lazy" i said to her "i know right" she said giggling

"Tess you never told me about your family" i said to her laying down on my stomach "I don't like to talk about my family" she said staring down at the floor "tell me please" i asked her she sighed looking up at me "sure" she said "my mum and dad always fought i was always there watching them scream at each other it scared me my older brother Luke he was a year older he was always there to protect me from my dad when he got drunk and hit my mum. i was only 5 years old at the time my brother was 6  and mum was pregnant with a baby girl, but then my mum was 9 months she was 2 days away from due date her and my dad were fighting again. he slammed the door and the baby just fell out.. it died" she said crying "oh my god Tess" i said getting up and hugging her "wait there's more" she said " when i turned 12 and Luke was 13 h-he started drinking just like daddy. h-he didn't protect me anymore he hurt me mum always tried to stop him b-but dad would hurt her to" she said than paused

"Luke died when he turned 16 because he started doing drugs and he was in a gang he got shot. daddy came back when i was 17 he apologized to mum for everything he did and all mum forgave him because she loved him it took me a while to forgive him but i eventually did. mum got pregnant again she had a baby girl i'm a big sister" she smiled "her names Ellie and she's now 2 years old I love her and i love my family i really miss my dad stopped drinking and now were a happy family" she said smiling at the end i smiled with her and gave her a tissue she whipped her tears. "lets go to bed" she said i nodded and went back to my bed.  She turned off her light and went under her covers i did the same but stayed awake...thinking about my family.  I wonder where they are. 


*Next Morning*

"Tess wake up where gonna be late for class!" i yelled at her looking at the time 2:00 in the  afternoon dam i can't believe we slept that long. we only take after noon classes on Monday's through Wednesday and morning classes on Thursday's through Saturday's and today's a Wednesday "shit" she mummered jumping out of bed "We have 1 hour" i said to her she ran into the bathroom before i could i giggled and went to pick out an outfit to wear i decided on a casual dress and heels. i put them on the bed and went in the bathroom as Tess came out. i took a quick kinda long shower washed my long hair with strawberry scented shampoo and got out the bathroom i dried myself and my hair. I put on my undergarments than my dress and heels i grabbed my books and put it in my bag and swung it over my shoulder "Ready?" i asked Tess she nodded "lets go than" i said we walked out of the dorm and to class. we were late shit "come on we gotta run to get there" Tess said we started running once we got to the class we stopped to breath once we opened the door everyone turned to us i didn't even care who was looking i just wanted to get the fuck out of here i can't believe this no this can not be happening. after all these years........ Fuck No!  


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