Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


14. Chapter 12-Graduation&Apologies

Tess' Pov-

*2 weeks later-(Wednesday,Graduation Day)*

It's been two weeks since everything happened, and since me and Cassie broke up...She hasn't talked to me for two weeks, everytime i try to talk to her she would ignore me and shut me out. When i'm in the dorm room and she's in their she leaves, i don't know where she goes but it just hurts me to know that Cassie hates me, my first real bestfriend..Today's graduation day and i really didn't buy a dress for after the graduation and for prom. I don't even want to go to prom, what's the point? I'll just be sitting there all alone while everyone else is having fun. Cassie hasn't bought any dress either.. i guess i'll go today..but i hate shopping alone. I got up from under the tree and went back to the dorm room, Cassie was there,reading a magazine, and i was on the cover with Zayn..I hate this...

Once she saw me she got up, and headed for the door. "Cassie wait" she stopped but didn't turn to look at me. "do you want to go shopping?" i asked "no" she said than left. I sat on my bed and let my tears fall. Cassie has already packed all of her things. we can leave tomorrow ortoday if your all packed and don't want to go to the after party or prom. i'm not packed,i haven't had any time...I've been to busy hating myself. I went on twitter and read the new hate. 

'@Contessia_Ray, go die'

'you're so ugly @Contessia_Ray'

'Zayn would never want you @Contessia Ray'

'@Contessia_Ray, you're a fat ugly bitch that deserves to die, stay away from our Zayn! he doesn't want you he would never go for a girl like you' 

and so many more... 

I wipped my tears and took down all my pictures and posters. I put them all away in my box. I than went to my closet and folded all my clothes and packed them. once i finised packing everything and the room looked like it did when i first got her i put my bags aside i went in the bathroom grabbed my razor and made 5 new cuts on both my wrists..i've been doing this for 2 weeks..i cleaned off all the blood put away the razor and tied a rag around the cuts. i left the bathroom put on my sweater grabbed my keys and wallet then left. I got in my car and went to Forever 21. I looked around at all the dresses. I went to the short ones and got me and Cassie's a dress and heels for the after party than I went to the long dresses and got us matching ones hers was blue and mines was purple I bought heels that go with them than paid for everything. I hope she likes it... 

I got to the dorm room,Cassie was sitting on her bed crying in her knees felt terrible.. She's crying because of me... "Cassie" once she saw me she stood up. "No wait..don't leave" I said stopping her. "What do you want Tess?" She asked wiping her tears, "I wanted to give you this, you didn't buy any dress so I got you it" I said showing her both dresses. "Why? Are you trying to bribe me?" "No of course not..I just..I wanted..I.." I didn't know what to say. I wasn't trying to bribe her, I really wasn't. "Please just take it" I said she took the dresses and heels and put them down on the bed. "You don't have to leave, I was going to leave anyways" I said to her she nodded and sat back down on the bed. I put my dresses and heels on the bed than left. 

Cassie's Pov-

Once Tess left I started to cry again. I really want to forgive her but...what she did to me was horrible. I'd never do something like that to her, and I just can't bring myself to forgiving her. I looked over at the dresses I took out the short one first, it was nice, than the second one was beautiful. It was blue, my favorite color.  I got up and looked at her dresses a they were pretty the second one was like mine but in purple. I don't even think I'm going to prom or the party. What's the point? I laid the stuff on the floor than fell asleep. 

Tess's Pov-

After about an hour of sitting in the launch room I decided to go back to the dorm room. I got up holding my drink and went back to the room. Cassie was peacefully asleep. I walked over to her and sat down on the floor next to her bed. "Hey Cassie" I whispered stroking her hair. "I know you can't hear me but, I want to apologize to you., and I want to tell you why I got drunk that night.. Even if you can't hear me, I just want to let it out." 

Cassie's Pov-

I slept for an hour than woke up,but once i heard the door opened i pretended to sleep. the person sat down and touched my hair.  "Hey Cassie" Tess.. "I know you can't hear me but, I want to apologize to you., and I want to tell you why I got drunk that night.. Even if you can't hear me, I just want to let it out." she whispered. "that afternoon when we were talking in the room my mum sent me a text..she said that daddy's hurting her again Cass..a-and.." she said sobbing...why would he do that again?!.."and i just wanted to be alone,i was for a bit than i wanted to get drunk so i can forget about it..I went to the club and got drunk than Zayn took me home..i guess i got alittle carried away" alittle? "i'm sorry Cassie,i really am,ididn't mean to hurt you like that, i'd never hurt you like that on purpose..,it was a horrible and drunken mistake, but that doesn't matter to,i know you've been hurt before, i just didn't think that i'd be the one to hurt you.." "you mean so much to me Cassie,i never really had friends back home,you're my first real bestfriend,just like i'm yours." 

"I've been wanting to talk to you for weeks now Cass,but you shut me out and ignore me,you have every right to do so,but please just..forgive me, talk to me Cassie..I regret what i did, i regret getting drunk..I'm getting non stop hate on twitter because i was with Zayn...I feel alone,like i did when my brother died, i felt empty half of me was missing because he was gone and now theres like a hole in my heart...because i miss you..I mean so much to me and i just want you to forgive me..I promise you that i'd never hurt you again...i promise Cassie...after graduation i'm leaving, i'm going back home to London so i can be with my mum and so i can protect her, you'd be happy because you won't have to see me anymore.." i'd be devistated...she can't leave... "you're the first person to love me for me,not for sex...or anything like that...and i just..I want you to know that your special to me Cass, i'll never forget you,your my everything theres one thing that i don't want you to ever forget Cass..I love you, never forget that..I Love You Cassandra Tomlinson"....I love you too Contessia. after she finished talking she placed her lips on mine. i didn't react, if i did she'd know i was awake all along.

Tess's Pov-

"I love you Cassandra Tomlinson" after i said that i kissed her soft lips, i pulled away after a while, and wipped my tears.I check the time and it was almost 12:00. i better get ready...i took my dresses got in my car and went to the house. i took a shower than put on the cap and gown i just let my hair out into it's normal waves. i put on a little makeup than left. I drove back to the university and went to the auditorium where it was being held. There was an empty seat next to Cassie,so i sat down. she looked at me than turned away. 

*2 hours later*

when the graduation was over i got in the car and drove back home to get ready for the party. i took another shower,dried my hair and put on the dress i brushed out my hair than put on my heels i put on more make up than i did before and once again went back to the university and went to the cafeteria. all the chairs and tables were gone, there was whole bunch of people, the lights were dimmed and music was playing. 






Cassie's Pov-

I got dressed in the short dress and heels that Tess got me, than i did my hair and makeup and went to the cafeteria. i looked around and saw Tess in a corner picking at her nails. i was going to walk over to her but than i stopped...i don't know if i can forgive her..."wanna dance?" "no Harry,i don't" i said annoyed. "come on Cassie,please" he begged taking my hand. "only for a few minutes" "thats fine" he said smiling. he put my arms around his neck and his arms on my waist,a slow song came on and we danced slowly to the music. i looked back at Tess and she was watching us. i turned away and danced with him until the song was over. i pulled away from him and left. i went to a corner myself and played with my hair.

the dj said some stuff about somebody singing. i wasnt really paying attention,but i was when Tess got on the stage. (it was a fake one they put) "um,Hi my name's Tess and uh i'll be singing a song today" she said. nobody made a sound. "okay um ,here goes" she said cleared her throat than started singing. 

Do you remember when I said I'd always be there.
Ever since we were ten, baby.
When we were out on the playground playing pretend.
Didn't know it back then.

Now I realize you were the only one
It's never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent

pray for  all your love
Girl our 
love  is so unreal
I just wanna reach and touch you, 
squeeze  you, somebody pinch me
This is something like a 
And I dont know how it ends girl
But I fell in love with my Best Friend

Through all the dudes that came by
And all the nights that you'd cry.
Girl I was there right by your side.
How could I tell you I loved you
When you were so happy
With some other guy?

Now I realize you were the only one
It's never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
When we were so innocent.

I know it sounds crazy
That you'd be my baby.
Girl you mean that much to me.

And nothing compares when
We're lighter than air and
We don't wanna come back down.

And I don't wanna ruin what we have
Love is so unpredictable.

But it's the risk that I'm taking, hoping, 
You'd fall in love with your best friend

I remember when I said I'd always be there
Ever since we were ten baby.
    Everyone cheered when she finished singing. i smiled and wipped my tears... good thing i wore water proff make up. "Tess hold on" i said grabbing her wrist when she got off the stage. "yeah?" "im sorry" "me too" "I love you Tess" "I love you too Cassie" i smiled and pulled her into a hug. "im so sorry" she whispred hugging me back. "i forgive you,okay" she nodded,i smiled again and kissed her. "i heard you talking to me in the room, when you thought i was sleeping....are you really leaving?" i asked her hoping she would say no. "i have to Cass,i need to protect my mum and my baby sister" she said. "i don't want you to go"... "i know but,i have to Cass" i nodded and looked down at my feet.  

"I love you" "I love you too" "I have to go and get ready for prom,i'll meet you here so i can pick you up and drive us there" i said she nodded and hugged me once more i hugged her back than left. 

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