Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


13. Chapter 11-Tears&Hate

Cassie's Pov-

Once the class was dismissed i grab Tess's hand and ran for the doors before they can catch up to me. "Cassie please wait!" Harry yelled from behind me. I ignored him and kept running until i got to the dorm. we got in and i locked the door. "just give him a chance to talk to you Cassie, he didn't bully you, he hasn't hurt you physically" she said, is she serious right fucking now?! "i know he didn't but he hurt me emotionally Tess! how could you defend him?!" i yelled at her. "i'm not,i'm sorry" she apologized looking down at her phone looking hurt,confused,and angry she got up and headed for the door. "where are you going?" "to be alone,i'll be back whenever" she said. "no,Tess pl-" she cut me off be slamming the door. WHAT THE FUCK?! i groaned running my hands through my hair. 

I went under the covers of my bed and cried to myself. The door opened and closed me thinking it was Tess didn't bother looking. "Cassandra" "Harry, please just go away" i sniffled. i'm really not in the mood of talking to him or anyone but Tess right now. "no,i need to talk to you, Cassandra please" he begged. maybe i should give him a chance like  Tess said... I got from under the covers and wipped my tears. "It's really you" he breathed out. "yeah,it's really me" i sighed he sat down next to me and stared at me. "stop staring at me" I snapped. he nodded and looked away. "how come i've never seen those pictures?" he asked "they've always been there,maybe you should go see the eye doctor" i said he rolled his eyes and turned his gaze back to me. "How come you didn't tell me?" 

"because i didn't want you or the others to remember me" "why not me?" "because you hurt me too Harry" "how?" is he kidding me?! "you really don't know?" he shook his head.  "figure it out, than come talk to me, or actually don't figure it out and don't talk to me" i said pushing him out the door.. now to go and find Tess. I locked the door and went outside, her car was gone. fucking great, where did she go?! I took out my phone and called her. went straight to voicemail. come on Tess! maybe she went home? but it's far and i can't walk all the way there, I hate buses,taxes scare me so i don't have a i'm not talking to him...but i really need to talk to Tess. 

I went back in the building,only to bump into Harry. " c-can you drive me somewhere please?" i asked nervously. "can't" "why not?" "don't figure it out and don't talk to me" he said mockingly. I scoffed and started to walk away, "wait" "what?" "i'll drive you" "really?" "if" "there's an if.." "yeah,if you tell me what i did to hurt you" "okay.." "okay lets go,where to?" "my house" i gave him the directions and he started driving. "so,tell me" "you were seen with so many other girls Harry, and you being you i'm pretty sure they were one night stands" "Cassandra..." "just save it Harry" I said as he parked the car i unbuckled my seatbelt than got out the car going to the house. i took out my key but the door was already unlocked. 

I walked inside and heard moaning and giggling...I went to Tess' room and opened the door..."T-tess..." i couldn't believe the scene that was happening infront of me......"Cassie" she smirked. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" "fucking Zayn, isn't it obvious" she slurred. "YOU'RE FUCKING DRUNK YOU..YOU BITCH HOW COULD YOU!" I yelled tears spilling. "I'm sorry Cassie" Zayn apologized. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU JERK!" i yelled at him he scattered his clothes and ran out the room. "Cassandra, just calm down okay? she doesn't know what she's doing, she's drunk" "GET OUT HARRY! I'M NOT IN THE FUCKING ME,JUST GET OUT!"  he sighed leaving. "mmm,have sexxx with me Cass" she slurred stumbling down. I walked over to her and slapped her than threw her on the bed. "never, speak to me again" i said than went to my room. I locked the door than went to my balcony. I sat on the chair that was out there and cried to myself. 

How could she do that to me?...why did she get drunk in the first place?! 

*Next Morning*

I didn't go back to the University yesterday, i mean what's the point? After this week we don't have class. All we have to do is start packing to leave than graduate, i don't even want to go to the one will be there for me anyways. I've been on my bad and never got out. "Cassie?" Tess asked walking in. "get out" i said angerly. "why? please i really need to talk to you" does she not have a clue on what happened last night. "no! get out you bitch! why don't you go fuck Zayn some more" i yelled than she gasped. "d-did I.." "yes you were pissed drunk and fucked Zayn!" "C-cassie i'm so s-" "i don't want to hear it just get out" i said cutting her off. "p-please Cass!...I can explain,just give me a chance" she begged. "get out Tess" i said more calmly. she slowly nodded than left. I laid on my stomach and cried into my pillow. 

Tess's Pov-

I can't believe i did that...I-..I cheated on Cassie...that's not like me, why would i do that? why would i get drunk for no reason? There has to be a reason, i wouln't get drunk just because i wanted to. Cassie's mad at me and...I ruined it...

I went to my room and plopped on the bed running my hands through my hair. I unlocked my phone and my messages were still open. my mum sent me a message? I clicked on it and read i remember why i got drunk...I locked my phone and cried silently to myself. My phone dinged signaling i had a notification from twitter. I unlocked my phone and actually i had hundreds of notifications,from people i don't know. I clicked on one and read. '@Contessia_Ray, you're so fucking ugly!! why were you with ZAYN MALIK!?' did they know i was with Zayn... 

i opened my messages and texted Cassie. 

T: please talk to me Cassie,i'm so so sorry, i can explain please..


T:CASSIE PLEASE! :'( i'm sorry okay?...i won't do it again,it won't happen

she didn't text back after that.. I wipped my tears but more just kept much hate.. for what? just because i was seen with Zayn Malik. 

I turned on the TV and put on ENews.. "Zayn Malik,from the world wide famous British/Irish boyband was spotted last night leaving 'Bar 330' with mystery girl. who is this mysteries girl?",Only Malik knows, could she probably be a new gir-" i turned off the tv to stop her from blabbing her dam mouth some fucking more. 

my twitter notifications wouldn't stop so i turned it off. i put the blanket over me and cried harder. what have i done?... 

I slep with Zayn Malik, who was my girlfriends bully

I cheated on Cassie and i hurt her

I'm the mystery girl everyones talking about 

Directioners all over the world hate me... 




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