Young Direction

One Direction is older now and have families. They are still close. What happens when bad things happen. What happens when love is in the air. Read to find out.....


4. Vincent

Vincent's POV



They look at me wide eyed and i look down at my feet. I wait there a couple seconds then run off in to my room. I just sit there and wonder why i couldn't sing? I mean all my siblings can sing and so can everyone else....... I just decided to go check on Delilah.



Harry's POV


After Vincent was done all I could do is stare at Vincent in awe. He was the best singer out of everyones kids. He ran off and i wonder why I mean he did great. He was an even better singer than me and the rest of the lads mixed together. All the boys and I run after him. We get up to his room and he's not there so we look in everyone else's room and then when we get to Delilah's room we hear talking. It was very rude of us but being the people we are we eavesdropped.


Delilah's POV


Vincent comes in and lays down beside me. I say, "Hey What's Up You Look Sad?" He sighs and I see his face full of sadness. He says, " I sang for the competition instead of you and Tommy and everyone just stared at me. I mean did I really do that bad? I hated singing infront of them but I was I really that bad? I chuckle and say your better than all of us combined dont ever think different. He smiles slightly and says, " Can you tell me what happened at school? Please Del?" I sigh and sadness washed over me. I began the story of everything and at the end he has his teeth clenched his hands in fist and tears pricking at his eyes. He stands up and yells, "How could you even think about hurting yourself your all I have my ONLY friend and you can be so selfish to do that!!!" He is full on crying now and he whispers, "How could you ever think of leaving me I NEED you Del....." He runs out my bedroom door and I Start crying all I'm thinking is How could I be so selfish I Know how much he needs me!! God! I'm so selfish........ All of a sudden Five boys Who I call my dad and 'uncles' come through the door. My dad whispers, "Why didn't you tell me?" I sob and say, "Please I just want to be alone Vincent hates me now and my life is a mess!!!" I sob. My dad walks up to me and cradles me in his arms. He says, " I will leave you alone but, you cant keep me out of the loop this time you can always come to me okay?" I nod with a small smile and say, " Can you send Alex in please I really want to talk to him?" Harry nods and runs out of the room.My dad and the rest of the boys leave and I wait for Alex.......


Alex's POV



My dad comes up to me and says, " Delilah wants to talk to you she's up in her room." I nod and run up to her room and what i see isn't what i wanted to see.  I see Delilah curled up in a ball bawling her eyes out. I walk up to her and pick her up and put her in my lap and ask, "Whats wrong?!?!?" she just keeps crying I sigh and just cradle her in my arms.....

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