Young Direction

One Direction is older now and have families. They are still close. What happens when bad things happen. What happens when love is in the air. Read to find out.....


3. The Party

 SyTommy's POV



Delilah was sleeping so we did karaoke. The rules are a kid from each family sings and we dont have to do a One Direction song but, most of us do anyways. First is Darcy........


Darcy's POV


I decide to sing the chorus of The Story Of My Life....


The Story Of My Life 

I Take Her Home 

I Drive All Night

To Keep Her Warm

In Time

Is Frozen

The Story Of My Life

I Give Her Hope

I Spend Her Love

Until She's Broken Inside

The Story Of My Life


They clap i curtsie then the next person was Kyle......



Kyle's POV



I decided to sing Diana....



Let Me Be The One To Light A Fire Inside Those

You've Been Lonley

You Dont Even Know Me

But  I Can Feel You Crying


Let Me Lift Your Heart Up And Save Your Life

You Dont Realize

Baby You'd Be Saving Mine



They clapped and next up was Lila.......


Lila's POV


I decided to sing They Don't Know About Us


They Don't Know About 

The Things We Do

They Dont Know About The 'I Love You's'

I Betcha If They Only Knew

They Would Just Be Jealous Of Us

They Don't Know About The Up All Nights

Baby, I've Waited All My Life

Just To Feel This Right

Baby, They Don't Know About Us!!!!!!


They Cheered and I got off the make shift stage next was Jessie......



Jessie's POV 

I Decided to sing part of Best Song Ever


Said Her Name Was Georgia Rose

And Her Daddy Was A Dentist

Said I Had A Dirty Mouth

But She Kissed Me Like She Meant It

I Say Can I Take You Home With Me

She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams

And We Danced All Night To The Best Song Ever

We Knew Every Line 

But I Cant Remember

How It Goes But 

I Know I Wont Forget Her

Cuz We Danced All Night To The

Best Song Ever


Next Is actually I'm not sure who is next??


Louis' POV


We still weren't sure who was singing..... Usually Delilah sings but she is sleeping so i ask Tommy, "Tommy You Up To Singing Tonight?" He replies with, "Dad My Throat Hurts Can Someone else do it?" I get the best idea ever I pull Vincent to the side and say, "Hey You Should Sing You Have A Amazing Voice And They Have Never Heard You!!!" He sighs and mumbles, "Yeah Whatever I Guess so" I jump up in down like a mad man and everyone is staring at me. I burst out laughing and start talking between chuckles, "For My Family Vincent Is Preforming" Everyone stares at me like I'm crazy or something and turns their attention to Vincent who clears his throat. Then he starts singing.


Vincent's POV


I decided no to sing a One Direction song so start singing How To Save A Life by: The Fray


Step one you say we need to talk

 He walks you say sit down its just a talk

He smiles politely back at you, you stare politely right on through

Some sort of window to your right as he goes left and you stay right

Between  the lines of fear and blame

You begin to wonder why you can

Where did I Go Wrong

I Lost A Friend 

Somewhere Along In The Bitterness

I Would Have Stayed Up With You All Night

Had I Known How To Save A Life


I Finish and everyone is looking at me wide eyed did i really do that bad..............

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