Young Direction

One Direction is older now and have families. They are still close. What happens when bad things happen. What happens when love is in the air. Read to find out.....


2. First Day Back

*Delilah's POV*



    I wake up to my alarm. Today was the first day back at school. I get up and take a shower. I stop at the mirror and see myself all i see is someone so ugly that they don't deserve love. I blow dry and straighten my hair. I put on some make-up which is foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. I go to my closet and get bright red skinnies and a black 'Live Fast Die Young' t-shirt. Then i put on red TOMS and a red Beanie. I go downstairs and get in Vincent's car and wait for him to drive me.


Tommy's POV


     My alarm goes off and i take a quick shower. I quickly dry my hair and put on white skinnies and roll up the ends till they reach my ankles. I then put on a red and white striped shirt with red suspenders. I then grab my glasses and my red converse. I go down stairs grab a apple and go to Vincent's car and wait for him there with Delilah.



Tyler's POV


     I take a quick shower and then put on a bright pink regular t-shirt. I put on some black skinnies and some white vans. I grab my bag and get a banana and go out to Drew's car (he got his license)


Andrew's POV


     I quickly take a shower and put my hair in a quiff. I then put on a blue t-shirt that says 'AWESOMENESS'. I put on faded blue skinnies and put on some blue converse. I grab a peach and head to my car.



Vincent's POV


   I take a shower and gel my hair in different directions like usual and put on some gray sweat pants and a white under armor t-shirt. I then put on a black beanie and some white NIKES. I grab a orange and head to my car where i see Delilah and Tommy.



Darcy's POV


     I wake up and take a super quick shower and let my curly hair air dry. I then put on some purple eye shadow and a little mascara. I then put on some Purple skinnies and a sparkly flowy tank top. I put on some black vans and eat some breakfast and waited for Carsyn and Alex.


Carsyn's POV


      I get up take a shower and let my hair naturally dry into curls. I then put on a red plain t-shirt and black skinnies and white vans. I grab my bag and go downstairs and wait for Alex with Darcy.



Alex POV



         I take a shower and grab a purple t-shirt and some blue skinnies and white converse.  I then go downstairs to see Carsyn and Darcy downstairs waiting for me I just chuckle. We get in the car and drive to school.



Nobody's POV


Tommy, Darcy and Jessie see each other for the first time in months.


Darcy's POV


 I see Tommy and he is so cute his glasses and suspenders they make me melt. We walk through the doors and the bully's at our school go straight for us. One of them pushes me up against the wall and touch my chest. I am about to cry. Tommy yells, "Don't Touch Her!!!!" He grabs him and pushes him. The bully says, "Oh Gay boy wants to help his sexy friend???" I scream, "DONT TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE THAT!!!" i push him and punch him straight in the jaw. The principal comes out an yells, "Alright Mr.Tomlinson Ms.Styles and Mr.Smith my office NOW!" Tommy and I sigh and head to the principals office.


Louis POV


I get a call that from the school


           Call (Louis=L/School=S)


                                      S- your son and Darcy Styles were in a fight today i would appreciate it if you and Mr.Styles would come to the school

                                      L- Of course i will be there in ten minutes

                                     S- Okay Thank you Mr.Tomlinson



                       *End Of Conversation*

I call Harry......................


                            CALL (H=Harry/ L=Louis)


                                     L- Come to my house me and you need to go to the school


                                      L-Our kids got in a fight just get here!

                                      H-Ok see you in 2

                                       L-Ok Bye Hazza

                                      H-Bye Boo Bear

                             *End Of Conversation*

Once Harry gets here we head to the school. When we get to the office i see my son Darcy and a dude with a busted nose. I knew my son didn't do that so it was Darcy. I chuckle to myself. The principal says, "Today in the hallway Tommy pushed this boy and Darcy punched him they will be facing the consequences of being suspended for the rest of the day and a weeks worth of detention." Harry says, "Fine Lets go Darcy." we get up and head to the car. when we get there Harry yells, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO!!!" Darcy burst into tears and Tommy hugs her and calms her. I whisper to Harry, "Lets leave it alone till the other kids get home and we can have a party at my house. Okay!" He nods and says, "Get in the car now......." They get in and we go to my house and wait for the others to get home..........




      Delilah's POV



We get to school and once everyone else is in class i head tot he bathroom in the hallway the SLUTS are there and they push me down and kick me i whimper in pain. They finish and go to class i try to stand up but i cant. I text Vincent and say

 To Vincent: Hey I Need Help Can You Come Down The Sophomore hallway? Please? D:

From Vincent: Sure Sis just a minute.... :?

   I wait for him then i here him yell, "Delilah!" he runs up to me with tears comimg out of his and says, "What happened??!!?!?" I groan and whisper, "I Will tell you later but i cant move can you take me home please?" i ask with pleading eyes.... He wipes away some tears and say, "Yeah of course i'll carry you...." He picks me up and says, "I'm sorry Del! I wish i was there when this happened whoever did this they are getting there asses whipped......." I chuckle a little bit and he slightly smiles. He gets me tot he car the whole ride home i kept groaning in pain. He picked me up and walked inside of course dad has to be there and when he sees me his eyes widen and so do Tommy's. Tommy runs up to us and talks through tears saying, "DJ are you ok don't die please!!!" I chuckle and say, "I'm not gonna die Tommy" He looks relieved and says, "How can I help you get better???" I smile weakly and say,"Get me some ice?" He smiles widely and nods. Then dad comes up to me and looks at me and and frowns and has a sad look.


Louis POV



Vincent comes in carrying Delilah who looks in pain my eyes widen. Then Tommy runs up to her and acts likes she's dying i smile at how much he cares about her. I then run up to her and frown she looks down i ask, "What happened DJ? Who did this to you? Who am i gonna kill?" She smiles and whispers, "Can i tell you later I'm so tired and i hurt every where." I not and Vincent takes her up stairs. All i can to is break down crying in the kitchen.

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